What enables us to be animal agents?

All of our qualifications in one handy place so you can see exactly why you should work with our award winning team today!

That super cute skilled dog and that trick trained cat; the cuddly hamster or the funny ostrich steals the show (every time) and WE LOVE THAT!  That’s the point, isn’t it?  So what actually goes on behind the scenes to make that happen?

The Animal Talent is an agency run by a team of individuals who are experts in their fields, but let’s be honest, you want to see something to back that up if you’re going to trust us with your media project.

Media and theatrical productions are always costly in both time and finances so using qualified and experienced animal talent agents is imperative to ensure your project runs smoothly.

Between us, our staff and animal handlers not only have many years’ experience working with animals in TV and film, but we also participate in continued professional development (CPD) courses to keep our skills and ethics up to date.  By furthering our knowledge, we always provide the best for our animals AND the industry clientele we work with.


Our team are all qualified to degree level, some with specialism in law, some in media, some in marketing and some in other areas relevant to their field.  This, coupled with our experience, means that we have a thorough understanding of the TV, film and entertainment sectors.  We understand about production budgets, audience figure targets, how a studio runs, who an AD is and what a producer does.   We know how to behave on set and afterwards.  We also understand the financial and legal aspects surrounding agency bookings.

When it comes to animals, whilst there are qualifications available in care and behaviour of different species, there currently isn’t a degree course in the UK specific to animal wrangling and handling.  However, all of us have CPD relating to animal behaviour, training and handling.  This training does not just apply to cats and dogs; we work with a variety of animals and each staff member has a different species specialism.

Our animal handlers are all primarily concerned with the safety and welfare of the animals we work with and the ethics that relate to that.  Our animal handling is strictly force free and we use positive, reward based practices.  Some of our qualifications surround particular areas of interest including nutrition, health, holistic practices, enrichment, behaviour and more.


Our staff members have the following certifications and qualifications behind their names.


We are privileged and delighted to have been considered for and granted awards in the following categories:

To work with our award winning team, contact us today.

Licensing & Insurance

Please note, our staff are DBS checked and also carry the correct licensing in accordance with DEFRA and UK law.

We are fully insured with Professional Indemnity, Public Liability, Employers Liability and can provide confirmation of this by request. You can ask us for this information here.

For more information, head on over to our About page.

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