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Mimi framed headshot
Ace Golden Retriever Dog Model Profile Picture
Tobias a tricolour Papillon poses on a yellow background
Penny the Vizsla sits in a meadow and has a big grin on her face
Lili the vizsla plays in a swimmingpool
Milo shows off his athletic physique and sticks his tongue out. He is roaming in an English meadow
Dora the vizsla dog model sits to attention on a beach front setting
Weimeraner dog model, Dolly, poses beautifully for the camera in a home and lifestyle themed shoot
Weimeraner Jake is a beautiful dog model sitting in a woodland among fallen leaves
Esco the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Red and White coat. Dog model
Maisie the pink poodle looks striking against a pink backdrop and sporting a Continental cut
Charlie the large back labrador poses perfectly in a down position in a grassy field
Hugo the harlequin great dane dog model sits in a playing field
Charlie the chocolate labrador dog model poses in a woodland setting
Dylan relaxes on a sofa wearing a red hoodie
Gracie, a beautiful fair coloured German Shepherd lays down obediently in a countryside setting

More Dogs for productions

Hire professionally trained Dog models and actors for the entertainment industry. Fully DBS checked. Shots guaranteed. Remote rehearsal reviews. Licensed and insured up to £10 million.

The above are just some of the talented Dogs available on our agency's roster. If you have any specific preferences which are not shown, please do get in touch.