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Ginger tabby, Jack, is an experienced cat model. He lays on a sofa and looks lovingly at the camera
Chase, a Russian Blue cat model sits on top of a pink perch against a pink background. Chase looks directly at the camera with his green eyes.
Rido, a Russian Blue cat model poses in a seated position for his headshot. The background is of pink roses
Obi, a caramel coloured British Short Hair cat model poses for the camera . He sports a yellow and flowery bow tie
Angel a tabby Maine coon cat model poses for a headshot against a cream backdrop.
Siamese cat model, Lilo, climbs on a cat climbing frame, appearing to scale the wall
Selkirk Rex cat model, Fae, poses outside showing off her incredibly fluffy body.
Experienced cat model, Spud and his head shot. He is a black and white domestic short hair and looks directly at the camera.
Cracker, an experienced cat model is a Selkirk Rex with deep amber eyes. Cracker is perfectly groomed and looks studiously into the distance
Selkirk Rex cat model Cookie looks straight at the camera. Cookie has piercing amber eyes and very curly, fluffy hair
Lilo - Persian cat model. Headshot
British short hair, Penelope, has her right paw held high in the air. She looks up at the camera and sits in front of a blue background
Snow bengal cat, Luna, sits in a blue themed room. Her piercing blue eyes look directly at the camera. She wears a blueish green collar.
Wilfred, a Cornish Rex cat model, is halfway through a yawn and pulling a funny face!
Whinnie, a cornish rex cat model sits in a sun puddle with her eyes half closed.

More Cats for productions

Hire professionally trained Cat models and actors for the entertainment industry. Fully DBS checked. Shots guaranteed. Remote rehearsal reviews. Licensed and insured up to £10 million.

The above are just some of the talented Cats available on our agency's roster. If you have any specific preferences which are not shown, please do get in touch.