Calling All Potential Animal Models And Actors!

Animal modelling is a big business and it’s growing bigger. Over recent years professionally trained animal models and actors,  of all shapes and sizes, are becoming more and more important to advertisers in their commercials and campaigns. They’re also increasingly featuring in films, TV series and within newspaper and magazine editorials. 

If you think your talented animal has what it takes to join these highly skilled stars on-set, we’d love to hear from you.  Our clients are always on the lookout for new, fresh animal talent to cast in their productions or place on the cover of their glossies.

All Animal Talent Welcome

We welcome talented dogs, cats, and any other kind of skilled animal onto our agency’s modelling and acting roster; no one species, rescue pet, or ‘different’ pet will be discounted. All we ask of animal applicants is that they are healthy, happy, and confident. We prioritise handlers who engage in consistent positive reinforcement training with their charges.

Your animal star’s profile will be considered by very many directors, producers, photographers and agents looking to cast an animal for their project and we always support you and your pet in your work.

Your application check list:

  1. Demonstrate your talented animal's ability, training and skills with video.

We only accept applications from animal parents who have included video footage of their animal's skills; this is because our clients need to see ability prior to hiring an animal. Kindly note:

  • Animal skills should be filmed from a distance of 5-10 feet (around 2 metres) because you will always be behind the camera in the studio.
  • Videos should be shot in different environments so that our clients know your animal is confident outside the comfort of their own home.
  1. Demonstrate your animal's appearance and charisma with photos.

We only accept applications from animal parents who have given some thought about their animal's images submitted, because these pictures will be shown to our clients. Please note:

  • We need to see the animal's full body in sitting and standing positions
  • We need to see the animal's personality, so use of props and clothes can enhance your photos. It's also exciting to see pictures of your animal in action!
  • We don't need to see the privacy of your home, so think about what you're happy to have shown online and to our clients
  • Please don't provide filtered images; it's important for our clients to see the animal in their natural appearance
  1. Give your animal their best shot by providing as much information as possible.

We love to hear anecdotes about animals, their back story and their personality. You may well find that things you consider irrelevant are often the things that our clients are most interested in.