Appearance + -

Breed: Hermann’s 

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 06/05/2015


Neck: 4cm

Length (base of neck to tail): 15cm

Height (floor to shoulder): 8cm

Width (circumference of chest/torso): 25cm

Weight: 502g

Hermann’s Tortoise, Jeff, is still very young for his species, however, he is showing all his adult attributes.  The Eastern Mediteranean tortoise has exemplary markings for his species and his plastron and carapace is well-shaped, showing no signs of pyramiding.  This indicates that he is of good health and therefore is a fine representative of his breed.  His shell scutes have beautiful markings that are typical of the Hermann’s variety and so he is perfect for photography sessions.

Originally a rescue tortoise, Jeff has been well looked after and cared for, now eating a varied diet and living in between his outdoor enclosure and his indoor home, depending on weather variants.  Jeff does not currently brumate so can be hired for filming opportunities all year round; (brumating tortoises are not able to work during winter months since they are in a state of rest during colder periods in the year).

A very sociable tortoise, Jeff has lived in a busy family home and has come in to (monitored) close contact with cats and dogs.  This well-socialised reptile is happy to be handled, enjoys the warmth and attention from humans and is inquisitive and friendly around children.

He is a beautifully natured tortoise that is confident in his surroundings. He adapts to new environments quickly and embraces human attention.

Suitable acting roles + -

Due to his loving temperament, this tortoise can work with adult humans and children alike.  He enjoys being close to human companions.  

Because of his comedic nature, Jeff is suitable for a variety of tongue in cheek comedy roles.  His movement, whilst standard for his species, is fascinating to watch and the way tortoises in general move around is quite comical.

His facial expressions often appear ‘grumpy’ to our human eyes, and film directors and photographers are able to capture funny looks and eye movements that make entertaining video shoots.

As Jeff is also very sociable with animals, he is suitable for multi-species roles providing the proper precautions are taken by the film crew.

He is a very sweet tortoise who loves his food and occasional treats.  He is food orientated making him easy to train.

Jeff has a quirky personality and loves to make himself the centre of attention so is an absolute pleasure to work with on set.

It’s worth noting that tortoises require suitable heating and UV lighting according to their breed requirements, however many can work for short periods without these facilities.  Outdoor environments suit them particularly well.  It should also be noted that tortoises are also not suited to working in the evening (or in total darkness).

Suitable modelling roles + -

Jeff does well with stills photography and is happy to be placed around products and props.  He is also comfortable wearing suitable reptile clothing.

Relatively young for a tortoise, Jeff is quite fast paced (which few people expect) and he moves around quickly.  He is also smaller than many people would expect, but he is true to size for his species.  He has wonderful facial expressions, so is really suited to close up photography.

Jeff is an appropriate model for reptile products including housing, supplements, foods and toys.  He also suits exotic locations and the summertime vibe.

Experience + -

An experienced on-set reptile, Jeff has also featured in national press, blogs and has had an acting role for BBC, so is well used to studio lights and busy environments . He is confident working in a studio environment and is not phased by being handled.

His numerous media appearances have meant that he has had to work with other animals on set, including well behaved dogs.. He particularly excels in photoshoots as he is patient and can look to point with guidance from his handler. 

This impressive tortoise makes a real impact and is the perfect reptile addition to your next TV, film or media project.


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Able to work outdoors
Happy to wear reptile clothing
Look to point