Appearance + -

Breed: Royal Python (aka ball python)

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 1/4/2016


Length (full length): 1.37m

Width (circumference of chest/torso): 15cm

Weight: 1kg

Freddie is a python with bags of character and he is well loved by his owner and handler.  Having been rehomed twice previously, this middle-aged snake is now settled in his forever-home living the life of luxury!

This fit and healthy Royal Python is used to busy and noisy environments which gives him the necessary experience for working on set.  Having lived around a variety of animals as well as humans, Freddie is able to work with any animal on set that he would not consider prey.  This will of course be handled carefully and sensitively by his handler.  

It’s interesting to note that Royal Pythons are also known as Ball Pythons because of the shape they form when they coil.  They are often most comfortable in this position when frightened or showing signs of stress, though sometimes they choose this position to relax.

Native to Sub Saharan Africa, males tend to display more semi-arboreal behaviours and can sometimes be spotted in trees, whilst females tend to favour burrows and tight spots on the ground preferring terrestrial life.  However, Freddie hasn’t shown much interest in climbing to date and is currently showing more interest in ground work.

A very sociable python, Freddie simply loves to be handled, and truly loves the attention from humans, making him a joy to work with in a studio.

Suitable acting roles + -

Due to his gentle temperament, Freddie is the perfect Royal Python for many film shoots.  He is easily handled by children and adults alike.  Freddie loves human interaction and relishes being handled.  He is a confident snake that can work with actors under supervision from our experienced handler.

Calm and confident, like many Royals, Freddie can be a bit lazy when he’s at home in his vivarium.  When out of his viv, and exploring the room, Freddie, true to his breed’s characteristics, will at first stretch out and explore, and then seek a warm, dark space to settle in.  Freddie particularly loves to cuddle up with his handler, so actors shouldn’t be surprised if they find him in their lap!

Like many snakes, Freddie’s movement is almost hypnotic; he is agile, deliberate and precise. His steady movement lends itself particularly well to film because Freddie is a calm and relaxed snake.

This Royal comes from a busy household and is used to being around dogs, cats and children. In his neighbourhood, he is quite the local celebrity as he often takes walks out and about with his handler, catching those natural UV rays.  Freddie is truly happy in any environment so is the perfect snake for on-set or on-location filming.

The Royal Python species require suitable heating and UV lighting according to their breed requirements.

Please note that while Royal Pythons are generally more active in darkness they are still able to work during daylight hours.  However, Royal Pythons should not be worked with when they are ‘in shed’ as this can cause discomfort to the snake.  Shedding is when the snake naturally sheds their skin.

Snakes are the perfect addition to film sets where mystique is required. They have often been used in music performances (Britney Spears famously danced with a python at the VMAs) though there are many situations where snakes are appropriate.

In many cultures, the snake (due to the ability to shed their skin) represents rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing .  They are also known to symbolise fertility and are considered ‘a creative life force’.  In some historical depictions, the snake represents sexual desire and passion.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Freddie is the perfect Royal Python for stills photography because of his stunning good looks.  Considered a ‘normal’ morph, Freddie has the traditional Royal Python black and gold markings.  This traditional appearance is perfect for photography in a ‘natural’ setting as such photos would portray how the reptile is supposed to look in the wild.

Interestingly, his ‘ET markings’ are quite unusual in how pronounced they are.  The patterns are common, but many people have commented how exceptionally like ET Freddie’s markings are.

She loves to be handled and under guidance from her handler, she will work well with adult models.  Krampus is a good length and will look wonderful wrapped around an arm, leg or neck of models that can keep their calm and follow instructions from our experienced handler.

Freddie can be placed around and interact with props which will really help many product branding campaigns stand out from the crowd.

This Royal Python is a suitable model for snake and reptile product packaging including housing, supplements, foods and toys.  He will also suit photography in exotic locations, or with luxury brands and products that have an air of mystery about them.

Experience + -

Freddie has featured in branding and promotions for an artist studio; he was selected for his remarkable features.

Freddie has also had TV studio experience and enjoyed his day on set.  Due to his temperament and traits, he is the perfect reptile addition to your media project.  His striking looks and calm nature mean that Freddie is a joy to be around.  Freddie, the Royal Python, is a stunning snake in both personality and looks.  His looks are incredibly striking and he will be a wonderful addition to media projects that require the presence of an animal that will make a lasting impression.


Popartmypet by Sarah Jane King – Photography model for the Pop Art artist.

Foxy Bingo – TV commercial for casino company.  Had to wrap around a tree branch and move towards an actor dressed up as a fox.  Performed as featured snake on the day and was utilised in shooting.


Work outdoors

Work with children