Appearance + -

Breed: Moroccan

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 06/05/2017


Neck: 5cm

Length (base of neck to tail): 25cm

Height (floor to shoulder): 4cm

Width (circumference of chest/torso): 9cm

Weight: 130g

Moroccan uromastyx, Eric, is a young adult, and is showing confidence in his behaviour.  Uromastyx are sometimes called ‘spiny tailed lizards’ due to their spiny tails that they use when defending themselves from possible predators.

True to his breed, Eric has beautiful alternating markings throughout his body which make him very interesting to observe.  Healthy and active, Eric is a fine representative of his breed.  

Eric was rescued from a herpetologist that had become disabled and was no longer able to look after his reptiles, however, Eric has been loved throughout his life.  Since his rescue, he is now the correct weight for his age and size.  He now also eats, sheds and toilets appropriately.  

A very sociable lizard, Eric lives in a busy family home so is familiar with loud noises and busy environments. This well-socialised reptile is happy to be handled, enjoys the warmth and attention from humans and is inquisitive and friendly around children.

Suitable acting roles + -

Due to his inquisitive temperament, this uromastyx is happy to work in many environments. He is bold and confident so after a short settling in period, he is happy in most environments.  Eric is very happy being handled and can work with adult humans and children alike.  He enjoys being close to human companions.  

Because of his comedic nature, Eric is suitable for a variety of tongue in cheek comedy roles.  His movement, whilst standard for his species, is fascinating to watch.

Like many lizards, Eric’s facial expressions often appear ‘grumpy’ to our human eyes, and film directors and photographers are able to capture funny looks and eye movements that make entertaining video shoots.

Please note that the uromastyx species require suitable heating and UV lighting according to their breed requirements and cannot work for longer periods without it.  They are not suited to working in the evening (or in complete darkness).  Uromastyx should not be worked with when they are ‘in shed’ as this can cause discomfort to the lizard.  Shedding is when the lizard sheds their skin and is a naturally occurring process.

Eric is a sweet-natured uromastyx that loves his food and occasional treats.  Appropriate feeding helps encourage handling making photography and filmography easier to achieve with this fast paced lizard.

Eric has a confident and quirky personality which makes him easy to work with in an on set environment.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Eric is confident within stills photography roles and is happy to be placed around products and props.  

Because the species is so fascinating, observation filming is very interesting, so little needs to be done to achieve a great action shot.

This young adult is surprisingly fast on his feet and likes to climb to high observation areas.  In fact, Eric is really a fan of people watching and loves to see what is going on around the home.  He has wonderful facial expressions so is really suited to close up photography.

Perhaps one of the most interesting features of this Moroccan uromastyx is that his skin tone changes colour depending on his environment and mood.  He alternates between browns, greens and reds.  Because of this, a photographer can gain a wide range of shots from the one animal.

Eric is an appropriate model for reptile products including housing, supplements, foods and toys.  He also suits exotic locations and the summertime vibe since he is a desert animal.

Experience + -

To date, Eric has had a stills photography session out on location.  He handled beautifully and coped well with studio lighting and flash photography.  Eric, an impressive Moroccan uromastyx, makes a real impact and is the perfect reptile addition to your next TV, film or media project.


Glam Pet Pics: Stills photography shoot

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Work outdoors (in fenced area)