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The Animal Talent

The Animal Talent


Appearance + -

Breed: Pacman – Albino

Sex:  Male

Date of Birth:  06/06/2021


Height: 3cm

Length: 5cm

Chest Circumference: 15cm

Weight: 30g

Named after the popular Simpsons character, Bart lives up to his name by being a cheeky and confident frog. Bart is only a young frog and still has a lot of growing to do, but will be a very impressive size when fully grown.  This species is known for their impressive stature.

Pacman frogs are named this due to their huge mouths and small round bodys which make them look like the famous pacman character. Native to South America, Pacman frogs, also known as the South American Horned Frog, are surprisingly poor swimmers and spend most of their time In dark humid land based environments.

Male pacman frogs are typically smaller than females and do croak. They come in many different colour morphs and Bart is a striking example of the albino morph.

Suitable acting roles + -

Bart is very calm and confident so is more than happy to be handled by people of all experience levels.   

It should be noted that when being handled, people must ensure that they have clean, moist hands which are free of any lotion or soap.  Care needs to be taken when handling to not pick Bart up from the front as this species is tempted to bite fast moving objects.  Also due to Bart’s albino colouring he can not be kept under bright lights for an extended period of time.

Outside of his resting hours, Pacman frogs are opportunistic predators and love to explore, yet once settled, they are a sedentary species that prefer comfort over movement.  This makes Bart very easy to shoot.

Due to the fact that Bart thrives at room temperature he is able to work for longer than most reptiles or exotic species.  He is a ravenous feeder which makes eating shots fun and easy to shoot; this miniature dustbin will literally eat anything and anywhere!  Food will also encourage strong movement so that Bart can deliver the perfect action shot.

Bart can work both with adults and children and due to his easy going nature.  People without reptile and amphibian experience will feel comfortable and at ease when handling Bart. 

Suitable modelling roles + -

Bart excels at his ‘stay’ behaviour making him the perfect frog for stills photography.  His beautiful markings coupled with his striking eyes are an impressive focal point for photoshoots.  

Being an exotic creature, Bart is sure to impress and evoke interest.  This will create a strong brand identity for any product or service featured in your media project.

Because of his albino looks, he is suitable for dark, gritty photoshoots where a distinct mood is set. He particularly suits urban photos due to how eye-catching the patterns on his skin are.  For those media projects that require the look of a jungle, Bart will look most at home. His bold appearance will suit themes such from comedy, to impact, to natural environments.

Experience + -

To date, Bart has not had any studio experience, however he handles beautifully and we are confident he will thrive on set.  He copes well under bright lights and isn’t reactive to loud noises.  In amateur photography sessions, Bart has worked impeccably well.

Bart is a confident and calm frog that is a delight to work with.  His stunning albino patterns will make a great impact on any film or photography work.

Can work on land or water
Product Placement