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The Animal Talent

The Animal Talent

Appearance + -

Breed: American Bulldog / XL Bully 


Neck circumference: 55cm

Length (base of neck to tail): 72cm

Height (floor to shoulder): 61cm

Floor to top of head: 80cm

Chest circumference: 81cm

Weight: 54kg

Zully is highly intelligent and quick to learn.  He is always eager to please his handler and show off his impressive abilities. Zully is the perfect blend of strength and sweetness, with unique and awe-inspiring appearance.

Despite his impressive size, Zully is a total softie at heart.  He commands attention wherever he goes with his broad, muscular chest and powerful legs. Zully exudes a sense of fearlessness and determination with her broad head and powerful jawline. His eyes are bright and expressive, conveying a depth of emotion and intelligence that is both captivating and endearing.


The American XL Bully is a relatively new dog breed that was created in the US in the 1990s. It was reated by mixing several breeds, such as the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Bulldog.  The breed can be found on the East and West Coasts of the US, especially in Virginia and Los Angeles, and has spread to other parts of the country, as well as Europe and Asia, gaining huge popularity in the UK in the 2020s.


This breed is famous on social media, with many people sharing photos and videos of the dogs on platforms like Instagram and TikTok because of their impressive size and abilities.


Producers may hire an American XL Bully Dog for a variety of reasons, such as for its unique appearance, its temperament, its trainability, or its ability to perform specific tasks or roles.  The breed definitely commands attention and Zully, with his unique markings, impresses more than most.

Suitable acting roles + -

Zully possesses both intelligence and obedience, making him an ideal candidate for roles that demand a well-trained dog.  He could effortlessly portray a protection or guard dog, asserting his size as a fearsome presence. With the UK’s perception of the XL breed, we can think of a number of suitable roles that Zully can portray in an urban setting, city landscapes and a gritty theme. 

His inclination to follow commands and eagerness to satisfy his handler make him an outstanding option for roles that necessitate such qualities as strength, toughness and athletic prowess.


Furthermore, despite his size, Zully’s amiable and loving temperament renders him appropriate for roles that require a dog to be playful and socialise with humans; that maybe goes against the grain, appearance-wise, but it would be an interesting concept!


Zully’s impressive physical abilities make him a great candidate for roles that require a dog to be athletic and active. He could potentially star in action movies or TV shows that feature dog sports such as agility or obedience competitions, showcasing his athleticism.  Zully’s knack for executing complex movements and following commands with ease makes him an ideal choice for these types of roles.


Zully is a versatile and talented dog that could excel in a variety of acting roles. Whether it be as a protector, family pet, or athlete, his impressive build, intelligence, and loving personality make him a perfect candidate for any acting role.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Zully’s unique physique and striking features could make him an excellent candidate for a fashion model. As a large and muscular dog, he could also portray fitness themes. Zully has a friendly and affectionate nature, which makes him easy to work with during photoshoots; particularly if required to work alongside human models of any age.

Zully can be photographed in a variety of settings, such as in the home or outdoors, to showcase different aspects of his personality and lifestyle.  We think he looks particularly good in cityscapes and exhibiting his sturdy appearance.

He has merle markings with sky blue eyes that capture audience attention; that and his sheer size makes for striking imagery.  Overall, Zully’s unique combination of strength, personality, and physical beauty makes him an excellent choice for a variety of modelling roles.

Experience + -

Zully has a wide range of skills and a steady temperament well suited to the media environment.  His ability to speak / bark on request means that he is suitable for a wide variety of roles in film and TV. He has learned his obedience skills quickly and loves showing off his tricks. Mastering these skills strengthened his bond with his handler and has made him a happy, well-behaved dog.  We can’t wait to see what the future has to hold for this exciting dog model.









Zully has a cute facial expression as he looks down at a pebbly beach XL Bully, Zully, the dog model, sits to attention and stares directly at the camera Zully looks intensely at the camera as he stands aside his handler American Bulldog, Zully, stands among sand dunes looking tough A view from above of Zully the dog model, wearing his training harness Zully the dog model practices his pulling work showing his strength.  He has a low to the ground posture and looks intent on working hard Zully, XL Bully, walks on a rocky beach.  His ears are pricked forwards and his eyes look at the camera Zully shows off his sturdy chest as he looks into the distance.  He looks focused and powerful Zully, the XL Bully, stands on a shoreline with a human model.  He perfectly exhibits a powerful stance Zully tilts his head to once side, almost looking cute, with an expression that belies his tough appearance Zully. the American Bulldog, model in stalking position, for his photoshoot on a rocky surface Close up head shot of Zully, an XL Bully.  He has merle markings and piercing sky blue eyes that look through the image