The Animal Talent

The Animal Talent

The Animal Talent

Appearance + -

Breed: Terrier mixed breed

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 01/12/2018


Neck circumference: 33cm

Length (base of neck to tail): 39cm

Height (floor to shoulder): 28cm

Floor to top of head: 25.5cm

Chest circumference: 46cm

Weight: 4kg

Ziggy is a gorgeous small mixed breed terrier with some of the appearance of a Cairn terrier and also the look of a Norwich terrier.  He’s a gorgeous little scruffy dog with bags of personality.

Whatever Heinz 57 mix Ziggy has, it doesn’t matter; it makes him totally unique and totally lovable.  The best thing about a mixed breed is that you can never find an identical match, meaning that any media production that features the dog will get a truly unique model.  Ziggy is certainly that.

Inherent in any of the terrier breeds is their well-known tenacity and intelligence.  Bred for their bold, fearless and energetic nature, terriers are dogs that worked as warrior hunters.  They hunted and dug out their prey, they protected their homes and families, and they cleared vermin from properties.  They’re a dog that LOVES to work, and Ziggy is no exception.

Ziggy has a strong skills list and is a very capable, good looking boy.  That scruffy yet cuddly appearance is well loved the world over; it’s a relatable and charming terrier asset.  Ziggy’s golden, shaggy coat is adorable, but his soulful eyes and cute button nose steal the show!

Suitable acting roles + -

Dog actor Ziggy, is a talented doggy with all the obedience and skills required to confidently work in production.  He and his professional trainer / handler have a lovely bond and enjoy training for new projects .  Ziggy’s handler is a professional dog trainer, specialising in the terrier breed and shaping behaviours with positive, reward based training.  Because of this, Ziggy loves to train and can work towards bespoke briefs, learning new actions for scripts as required.

This gorgeous, shaggy boy has all the charm and charisma required in media.  A terrier not too dissimilar to Ziggy famously played Toto in The Wizard of Oz in film, but really, scruffy terriers are ubiquitous in popular culture and rightly so.  They’re applicable to so many themes; historic and period dramas, comedy sketches and family life.  Whatever it is that you’re filming, a terrier is a great dog choice.

Ziggy is a biddable dog, loving to please his handler.  Because he is so people orientated, he can work with actors or models in scenes where you need to see that human and hound connection.  His soulful eyes portray emotion and he’s skilled at following the eyeline (looking to point) for the camera.  This is something that he and his handler have worked hard towards and an essential action for any dog on set.

We know how important it is to get the casting of a dog right, and that’s why we present Ziggy, a solid, confident all rounder that has the skills required for your production.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Ziggy is a fine looking terrier, with no discernible breed mix which is a real treat for a photographer; the option to work with a truly unique dog.  This shaggy haired boy could potentially be somewhere between a Westie, a Cairn or Norwich terrier, but being a unique mix is quite an asset in our opinion!

His gorgeous golden coat can be styled shaggy and scruffy, or slightly sleeker and more precise dependent upon the photography theme.  Whatever style he goes with, you’re sure to get a super cute photo.  Ziggy is happy to wear clothing, even wearing items on his head which is uncommon for dogs.  If you’re working on a fashion shoot or require Ziggy to model dog accessories such as leads, harnesses and outfits, he’ll be happy to work with the item.

Ziggy has a strong stay hold which is perfect for stills photography, yet this active dog loves being in motion, so if you’re going for an action shot, you’ll capture bags of enthusiasm from Ziggy with the added bonus of his coat flowing in the air.  This is a dog that loves being outside in a rural environment and a countryside backdrop especially suits him.

If you’re working in the studio, Ziggy’s coat works well against any colour backdrop.  He’s happy to work under heavy lighting and does well with flash photography.  Being a people pleaser, he can also work alongside human models when required.

All in all, Ziggy is a handsome boy with the solid obedience required for professional dog models.  He’s a delight to work alongside.

Experience + -

Ziggy is a fine dog model and a terrier with bags of ability.  He and his certified trainer work well as a duo and Ziggy has experience in front of live audiences where he acts as a training stooge, demonstrating skills in training classes.  He is used to the attention and spotlight being focused on him and will carry this forward flawlessly into the professional production environment.



Go to mark/bed







Target (touch target with his nose or foot)

Walk to heel on/off lead

Wear clothing and accessories

Ziggy the cream mixed breed terrier posing in a bow position among some