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The Animal Talent

The Animal Talent

Appearance + -

Breed: Great Dane

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 18/09/2017


Neck circumference: 57cm
Length (base of neck to tail): 100cm
Height (floor to shoulder): 70cm
Floor to top of head: 90cm
Chest circumference: 100cm

Weight: 60kg

Great Dane, Winston, is a gentle giant and experienced dog model.  A fine example of his pedigree, Winston is a lovely dog that has all the traits we love in the breed.

Winston is devoted, friendly, confident and loving.  Great Danes are generally well disposed toward other dogs and Winston is no exception.  He loves nothing more than hanging out with his doggy friends.

Despite what the name implies, the Dane is of German origin, not Danish.  This breed is thought to have been around for more than 400 years.  The breed descends from mastiff-like dogs (mollosser types) and is sometimes termed ‘German Mastiff’.  They were once bred by German nobility to protect country estates and hunt wild boar.

The Great Dane is a noble breed known globally for its giant size and gentle personality and this notoriety was furthered by the success of the Scooby Doo franchise in the 1960s.  The breed has also featured in many other animations and films over the years including Marmaduke, Beaches and Dr Doolittle.  This proves that there is great scope for a lovable dog like Winston.

Like many Danes, Winston loves physical affection from people and he carries this into his work.   Winston is a Pets As Therapy registered dog and works in local care homes making residents smile.  It takes a lot of patience, obedience and general good will to become a trained therapy dog, so this is a massive achievement.  He’s a bit of a celebrity in his local area!

Suitable acting roles + -

Winston the Great Dane is a fabulous dog in stature and temperament.  His imposing size belies his gentle nature and while he can pull a pose of intimidation, he can also be goofy and cute.  This ability opens up a wide variety of roles for Winston.  We can picture Winston working in music videos with models, in films as a guard dog and also in comedies as a roguish family pet.

Winston is what we term a bombproof dog; he has bags of confidence and isn’t fazed by large crowds, big lights or loud noises.  Because of his training as a therapy dog, Winston is more than capable of working in a filming environment.

Although Winston has a limited tricks list, he is very obedient and follows instruction from his handlers easily.  His therapy training is a huge skill in itself and this sort of work prepares him beautifully for media work.  He is already well suited to shorter roles in front of the camera that fit within his skill set and he will happily work around actors and models as fellow cast members.  He particularly loves hanging around with children and can work alongside child actors as required.

Being super social, Winston is dog friendly and can work with other dogs on set regardless of breed or size.  He can be paired with other giant breeds for a menacing role or small breeds for the comedy effect.  All in all, Winston is a fine dog and you’ll enjoy working with this gentle giant.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Dog model Winston has experience in photoshoots and has worked on location with models.  He has a strong ‘stay’ and poses beautifully in a variety of positions.  Incredibly photogenic, Winston looks regal from any angle.

With his blue coat, Winston looks stylish in any setting.  As well as the ability to work with human models for fashion photography, he’s happy to do a spot of apparel modelling himself.  Winston enjoys wearing dog clothing and can pose for photoshoots wearing different accessories, including glasses (something that not many dogs enjoy).

Because of his solid grey colouring, Winston looks beautiful alongside any colour palette and his all solid coat colour is a great backdrop for patterned clothes.  Whatever the backdrop you’re working with, Winston is positively majestic.  He looks wonderful alongside period architecture, stately homes as well as urban settings.  This stylish dog is suitable for a wide variety of themes and settings.

Experience + -

Winston is an experienced dog model and has participated in stills photoshoots out on location.  He’s also participated in a great number of heavily populated events (including a Santa Run with 400 participants) and also has experience working as a registered therapy dog.  This bombproof dog is happy working in any location or environment and has a wonderful nature.


Pets As Therapy – Registered therapy dog working in care homes.

Photo Essence UK Photography – Stills photoshoot with models


Give Paw





Therapy trained

Wears dog clothing & accessories

Wears glasses

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