The Animal Talent

The Animal Talent

The Animal Talent

Appearance + -

Breed: Spanish Mastiff/ Mastin Español

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 01/05/2017


Neck circumference: 43cm

Length (base of neck to tail): 53cm

Height (floor to shoulder): 38cm

Chest circumference: 66cm

Weight: 51kg

Timmy moved from Spain to the UK in 2020 having lived a life of hell for three and a half years.  He was originally named Timoteo (Spanish for Timothy, and meaning ‘God’s Honour’.  His new mum shortened the name to Timmy, after him being mistaken of having the same name as that 1980’s shampoo bottle

This giant breed had a sad start to life back in Spain; poor Timmy escaped being sold for meat only to be locked in a concrete cell by an under-funded sanctuary  Here, he had to fight for food otherwise he wouldn’t eat.  Half starved, unwanted and unloved, his life turned around when he was rescued and bought to the UK.  However, the journey is incredibly daunting and frightening for the dogs that have to travel by coach and ferry for 27 hours without a toilet break, food or water.  He now has a warm home with all the food and shelter he requires and he has shown his gratitude every day since by being such an amazing pet and working dog.  He now has daily walks, a weekly swim at the dog pool and weekly training classes to progress his skills.

Being a mastiff Timmy can be very stubborn but will do anything for a tasty treat. Although he has been though an awful situation Timmy is comfortable in new situations as long as the treat bag is full! Timmy loves people although many people are shocked at his impressive size. 

Mastiffs are calm and steady dogs and Timmy lives up to this, Timmy will not rush for anyone and loves to take in life through his nose. He is a pleasure to work with and to even be in his company makes people feel happy.

Suitable acting roles + -

Timmy is a mighty presence and makes a huge impact anywhere he goes.  Because of his sheer size, the uninitiated can find him very intimidating.  He is very majestic in appearance and can look incredibly regal when he sits and surveys his kingdom.

He is a calm dog but with lightning quick reactions if triggered, so he does need to work with experienced handlers on set.  He can work with actors once careful introductions have been made.

Whilst his stature is ferocious, in actual fact, once he’s made a friend of those around him, Timmy is a very goofy dog and has some funny facial reactions!  Because of this, he suits a variety of acting roles, from cute to comical to menacing when required.

Timmy’s size and markings will look impressive in any setting.  We think that Timmy will easily fit the role of ‘guard dog’ in films or TV that require that presence.  Equally,  he would look amazing in shoots in old country estates for period pieces.

Timmy walks really well on the lead to heel and will walk with strangers so is therefore very easy to handle by actors for slower paced pieces.  He is also very good at taking commands from afar and his sit and stay is beautiful. 

Suitable modelling roles + -

Timmy has completed a number of pet photoshoots to practice his modelling work in professional studio settings.  Due to his extensive training, he excels at his ‘stay’ behaviour making him the perfect dog for stills photography. He is also happy working within a studio or on location and isn’t phased by flash photography.

He will look fabulous in urban settings due to his beautiful black and tan coat that is varying shades of browns and reds.  These colours really stand out against dark backgrounds.  

Due to his striking appearance, and particularly his piercing amber eyes, he is well suited to dark, gritty photoshoots where a distinct mood is set with effective lighting.  For those media projects that require the look of a large, scary and impressive looking dog, Timmy is the perfect pooch.

Experience + -

To date, Timmy has had studio and location based stills shoots, handling flash photography with ease.  He has performed excellently in each scenario, following instruction from his handler.  He has particularly loved working out in the countryside.


PJ Pet Photography – Studio and location shoots

Pawsitively Does It – Christmas themed stills shoot

Metro – Stills shoot

Yahoo News – Stills shoot

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