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Appearance + -

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier x Boxer

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 11/01/2018


Neck circumference: 43cm

Length (base of neck to tail): 53cm

Height (floor to shoulder): 38cm

Chest circumference: 66cm

Weight: 20kg

This Staffordshire Bull Terrier x Boxer is a young dog actor and model. His impressive breed mix has resulted in quite a stunning red brindle colour and so his glossy coat really makes him stand out from the crowd.

Originally a rescue dog, Tank has come a long way from his difficult beginnings.  When he was adopted, his new handlers have helped him become a healthy, highly trained dog who is suitable for a variety of film work and photoshoots. He is a beautifully natured yet has a powerful build that shows his great strength. This makes him perfect for acting roles that require a strong presence. This Staffy mix is packed full of muscle at 20 kg.  He’s certainly a sight to behold.

Tank loves nothing more than the sight of water and he is a strong and confident swimmer, perfect for those water, action shots.  This fun loving dog is physically fit and loves his weekly swimming sessions in the dog pool with his best friend, Betty (also on the roster here at The Animal Talent).

Tank is a fun and lively dog with non-stop energy, meaning he is capable and happy to work long days. 

Suitable acting roles + -

Tank is quite the physical specimen and his name fully represents his stature.  Although a cross breed, Tank does have the classic Staffordshire Bull Terrier appearance and he certainly has that loving temperament that the breed typifies.

It’s well known that the Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed is great with humans and is among the top breeds recommended by the Kennel Club for families.  They also regularly feature in Britain’s top 10 most popular breeds.  For this reason, Tank is the perfect on-set dog for media projects that occur in a family home setting.

Conversely, sadly, Staffordshire Bull Terriers sometimes come with an undeserved reputation as dogs for gangsters or dogs for bad people.  However, this tough dog stereotype does help artistic and creative briefs where the breed is required to portray an intimidating presence, so we choose to use this to our advantage.  It is The Animal Talent’s policy to overcome harmful breed stereotypes, so we’d particularly love to work with you if you’re a producer that feels the same (more about our opinions of breed stereotypes in this blog).

Tank is a physically fit, well behaved dog that has an inseparable bond with his handler.  He will make a great dog actor for any production that requires a dog of his physique. 

Suitable modelling roles + -

Tank excels at his ‘stay’ behaviour making him the perfect dog for stills photography.  Because of his looks, he is suitable for dark, gritty photoshoots where a distinct mood is set. He particularly suits urban photos, yet also looks attractive in rural, action led shots. 

For those media projects that require the look of a conditioned and athletic looking dog, Tank’s glossy coat and muscly build makes him an appropriate candidate for dog foods and supplements.

Tank has a half and half brindle and white face that is pretty much a perfect split down the middle.  He has that perfect Staffy smile that is adored the world over and he’s adept at portraying a wide range of facial expressions.

Having previously modelled dog clothing and worked in various studio and location shoots for pet photographers, Tank is adept at working with flash and in studios.  

A good traveller, Tank can also work around the country and perform in any location.  Always keen to please his handler, this stunning specimen never disappoints.

Experience + -

Tank has excelled in a studio setting and has a reputation for getting the job done quickly.  He completes costume changes without fuss and poses for the camera perfectly every single time.

His continued training means that Tank is acquiring new skills all the time and we’re sure he’ll be a firm favourite in the dog acting scene as he progresses with his career.  Tanks already has an exemplary  ‘stand and stay’ and ‘sit and stay’ and is adept at working from a distance (i.e. with handler behind the camera).

Tank is sure to bring a huge impact to your next media production.


Doggy Warriors Doggy Lottery – stills photoshoot promoting the charity

PJ Pet Photography – Stills photoshoot

Give paw
High five
Lie down
Look to point
Paws up (on object or person)
Retrieve ball in water
Wear clothing and accessories