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Appearance + -

Breed: English Cocker Spaniel (Working Line)

Sex: Male

Date of Birth:  01/04/2022

Weight: 8kg


Sunny is the embodiment of the traditional English working dog; he comes from a line of champions dogs and this certainly shows in his working abilities.


Sunny is one in a million, at four months old this little boy had to go into emergency heart surgery and turned his pawrents lives upside down.  However, meeting Sunny you would have absolutely no idea that this has even happened; if anything it contributed to making Sunny into the extremely friendly and well-mannered dog he is.  He has even become a fan of the vet surgery and not many dogs can say that!  Fully recovered with no trace of heart issues, Sunny is turning into a wonderful working dog.


The English Cocker Spaniel is in the gun dog group specified by the Kennel Club.  They are known to be easy-going, family dogs that are affectionate yet lively, and Sunny is no exception.


Sunny is such a beautiful example of the working cocker spaniel and he has the ability to match his appearance.  His vibrant red coat shines bright against any background and his enthusiastic love of people makes him a pleasure to work with.

Suitable acting roles + -

Young cocker spaniel, Sunny, is a real character.  As his name suggests, he simply lights up a room.  He is amazing with people of all ages so can happily work with adult or child actors.  His owners worked very hard with early socialisation of not just people and other dogs, but new environments, surfaces and other animals.  Due to this, he is more than happy in a very busy working set environment and copes well with loud noises and flashing lights.


He lives with Tank (also on The Animal Talent roster) and Nigel the black cat, so he is capable of working with feline friends when necessary (no mean feat for a spaniel!).  Should he be required to work with other species, this is a challenge Sunny will relish.


A quick learner, Sunny follows commands well, is biddable and loves to please his handler.  He is working hard at building his skills list which is already of a good standard regardless of his young age.


Due to his breeding, Sunny has the appearance of a traditional British dog.  We feel that he would excel in a period drama, fitting such roles succinctly.  He has basic gundog training and could fulfil historic TV roles that portray hunting dogs if required.  If you’re filming on location, the rural backdrop really suits Sunny; he has the look of a traditional farm dog.


Responding to commands from any handler and actors alike, Sunny finds it easy to work with people he isn’t overly familiar with, but as with all working animals, time should be taken to introduce the dog and actors they work with.


This cracking little dog is a fine dog actor and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for him.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Sunny is a handsome dog with beautiful features.  He has the soft emotive eyes that photographers love to work with and he’s mastered the head tilt that can provide a comical appearance.


A real poser, Sunny excels at his stay command, which he can fulfil both in a sit and a down position.   If you’re interested in capturing his lively nature, Sunny can perform any of his tricks in order to capture the perfect action shot.


He is more than happy to be handled by any model of any age and due to his compact size, he can be picked up easily, which is great for fashion photography and more.


Sunny has a beautiful red coat and due to being raw-fed, this coat gleams.  His coat will stand out against most backgrounds and colour palettes, so studio backdrops can be varied.  Sunny is also comfortable wearing clothes and accessories; another asset for his repertoire.

and is excellent so he will be able to pose next to items in commercial or branded shoots.  This command is perfect for working with products and food.


Due to his exceptional pedigree, Sunny is a good candidate for breed specific merchandise such as calendars, mugs, clothing and more.


Sunny is such a beautiful, happy and friendly dog.  He will certainly make a day at a studio a happy and fun experience for everyone involved.

Experience + -

Sunny has an Instagram account alongside his brother Tank which has a decent number of followers and Sunny has had several photoshoots for this.  To add to this, he has taken part in some branded social media campaigns for small pet businesses.


Sunny is already proving himself as a capable dog model at his young age and is showing that he is going to grow into an excellent dog.




PJ Pet Photography: Stills photoshoot

Instagram: Brand collaboration

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