Appearance + -

Breed: Sprocker (Springer and Cocker Spaniel cross breed)

Sex: Female

Date of Birth: 22/06/2021

Neck circumference: 38cm

Length (base of neck to tail): 58cm

Height (floor to shoulder): 37cm

Floor to top of head: 56cm

Chest circumference: 35cm

Weight: 15kg

Sprocker spaniel, Skye, is a beautiful dog with black and white markings, lovely long ears and an expressive face.

Spaniels have been around for hundreds of years and both cocker and springer spaniels were born in the same litters. Their purpose was to serve as a hunting dog. The smaller cockers were used to hunt woodcock, whilst their larger littermates, the Springers spaniels would ‘spring’ or flush the gamebird into the air where a trained falcon or hawk would bring it to the handler.  In only relatively recent years have we begun to start referring to the mix as a Sprocker.

The Sprocker is a lovable, energetic, and mild-mannered dog that loves to get out and about. It’s no surprise that this is an energetic dog with a sense of adventure. Typically, good with other dogs and children, these faithful dogs make for great family companions and Skye epitomises these breed traits.

Spaniels are one of our historic breeds here in the UK and are loved the world over.  Famous spaniel owners include Bing Crosby, various members of the Royal Family, and even Oprah Winfrey.  Spaniels have also featured in blockbuster movies and TV shows for decades; famously Lady and the Tramp, Dean Spanley, Miracle Dogs and more.  As you can see, there are many opportunities open to the spaniel as a working dog.

Skye is a keen learner, a beautiful and traditional looking dog that is suitable for a wide variety of modelling and acting roles.

Suitable acting roles + -

Skye has a number of skills suitable for acting work; she follows instruction from her handler and is always eager to learn more.  She’s an active dog that thrives in the outdoors, so location based filming will suit her well.  The Sprocker is a dog that’s known for countryside pursuits and any heritage or historical filming is perfect for Skye.

This friendly girl is happy to work with other dogs and shares her household with her brother, terrier Shadow, also on The Animal Talent roster.  The pair can be hired as a duo or booked separately; both are well socialised dogs oozing with confidence and ability.

Skye is an obedient young dog that easily follows instruction and guidance from her handler.  She’s keen to learn and can rehearse in advance bespoke actions required for the script.  She has a number of tricks that work well for commercials and advertising  (including carrying, retrieving, playing dead, walk to mark and target work).  All of these actions can be transferred to film work and TV programmes as required.

Skye is a friendly, biddable dog well suited to filming; she’s capable of working with the heavy lights in a studio, boom mics and the tremendous footfall.  She takes everything in her stride and is a delight to be around.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Sky is a stunning Sprocker with the classic black and white mottled markings.  She has a perfectly symmetrical appearance accompanied by black ears that frame her face.  She’s predominantly white across her body and her coat colours will work with any colour scheme in the studio.

This breed is typically spotted in the countryside and so a rural backdrop is fitting for Skye.  She loves the outdoors and can often be seen romping around the countryside or along the shoreline.  If you’re doing action shots, you’ll capture her flowing hair and flapping ears that accompany her fun loving attitude.

With Skye’s ability to hold items in her mouth and pose, Skye is a great dog for commercial photography where products and objects need to be carried or held.   She’s happy to wear dog clothing and therefore can also work as a model for accessories such as harnesses and leads, doggy apparel and more.

As she’s a friendly girl, she can work alongside human models for fashion shoots and particularly loves being around children.  This is great if you’re working on a family led theme or home style photoshoots.  Skye is a lovely dog suitable for many photographic themes and subjects.  She’s a good looking girl with a mild manner and is easy to work with.

Experience + -

Skye is a talented and beautiful young dog with skills suitable for TV, film and photography.  She is experienced in the live events field though has yet to have professional studio experience.  However, due to her confidence and ability, we know Skye will perform exceptionally well in the studio given the opportunity.  Her events experience has proved that she is capable of working in busy, noisy environments in front of a large crowd, all essential qualities for the acting dog.



Find it

Go around

Head down

Heel work

High five

High ten

Get in box or basket

Jump over

Lick paws



Paws up


Ring bell

Roll over






Wear clothing and accessories

Skye, a black and white spaniel, sits on the stairs with her head tilting to the right. Her housemate, Shadow, sits on a higher step with his head tilting to the leftSprocker Skye sits at an event wearing a rosette and holding a dog treat in her mouthSkye, the black and white sprocker spaniel proudly sits on a chair wearing her Union Flag bandana