Appearance + -

Breed: Weimaraner

Sex: Female

Date of Birth: 21/07/2019


Floor to shoulder:  69cm

Floor to top of head: 83cm

Base of neck to base of tail:62cm

Chest: 72cm

Neck: 39cm


Weight: 25 KG

An incredibly affectionate dog, Sky craves attention from anyone willing to provide it.  She loves nothing more than a good cuddle and a bum/belly/head scratch!

Highly food motivated, it’s very easy to get results with Sky.  She’s also able to learn new skills easily, so if a certain trick is required for the camera, this is something she can prepare for.  As with any Weimaraner, she is full of energy and loves to exercise her muscles as well as her brain.  In her down time, she has brain games and puzzles that keep her entertained and her favourite enrichment activity is, of course, tug.

This exceptionally sociable dog has a group of doggy friends that she regularly meets and plays chase with.  She’s a much loved dog by her humans and the local community.

Suitable acting roles + -

Sky is a real live wire and is the perfect pup for those high energy, high impact activity roles that are required from this breed of dog in film projects.  Always on the go, Sky is a highly intelligent dog that loves to learn and particularly loves training sessions, especially if they involve food!

Aiming to please her handler, Sky will learn short sequences required from scripts and is happy to put in the time rehearsing.  In fact, one of her favourite pastimes is learning new skills and adding to her repertoire, so if you have a brief that requires something unique, don’t be afraid to ask.

This eager lady is a pleasure to be around on set; she has good manners, is well behaved and is perfectly poised to work either in the studio or on location.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Sky is a stunningly beautiful dog model and her physique proves that she is a fine example of her breed.  What makes her unique is that she has slightly longer hair on her ears and very light coloured amber eyes; these assets certainly make her stand out from the Weimaraner crowd.

Excelling at her ‘sit’, ‘down’ and ‘stay’ behaviours, Sky is perfect for professional photography.  She is biddable and loves to work for food, making her a great asset to any stills photo shoot.  Sky can work well outdoors and indoors, but being a hunting breed, she looks particularly striking against a rural backdrop.  As the breed is known for their high activity levels, Sky (true to type) looks fabulous in those action shots, especially when sprinting across a field.

However, if you’re looking for elegance and class, Sky is equally comfortable in a home setting, suiting prestigious lifestyle photoshoots.  Her coat has a beautiful silver sheen that brings a certain prestige to branding and photography.

Sky is easy to work with in the studio as well as on location and has lovely manners, always aiming to please.

Experience + -

To date, Sky has not had any studio experience, however she handles beautifully and we are sure she will thrive on set as well as on location.  Sky is beautiful in personality and looks, bringing elegance and class to every project she works on.