Appearance + -

Breed: Mixed Breed


Sex: Male


Date of Birth: 08/01/2017



Length (base of neck to tail): 46cm

Height (floor to shoulder): 56cm

Chest circumference: 56cm


Weight: 13kg


Ponti is an gorgeous mixed breed and a highly skilled trick dog.  He is a lovable scruff; a dog with an adorable personality to match his cute, yet shaggy appearance.


Having worked on TVCs, large scale feature films and stills photography, he is one of the most experienced film dogs on the circuit.  His impressive repertoire includes being the star of a BBC series.


Ponti lives with a household full of animals (also on our roster) including the dogs Marti, Tuggi, and Dave; the cats CJ, PJ, TJ and Scooter, and Boop Boop the macaw.  He is also socialised with other farm animals including sheep, horses and donkeys but prefers to work alongside members of his own fur family.

This highly talented dog is as affectionate and cuddly as he looks; he’s adorable and sweet yet a true professional in the film studio.


This experienced dog has had a whole host of acting roles as well as photography shoots.  He’s got an impressive portfolio of tricks and bags of experience.

Suitable acting roles + -

Ponti is no stranger to stage and screen.  He has an impressive actor with a whole host of tricks that are suited to media work.  His vast skills list means that he can perform in a wide variety of roles.


This mixed breed dog has appeal across a whole range of TV and film genres and themes.  His cute and shaggy style in relatable and emotive. Ponti is adept at making people go ‘ahhhhh’ and due to a lack of pedigree, he’s relatable to a variety of audiences.


His dog tricks box is huge and this enables him to work on complex film briefs where a commands list must be strung together.  He can work with children and any adult, as well as with other cats and dogs, but would prefer to work with members of his own fur family.


This medium sized dog is a perfect fit for set work.  He’s well behaved, calm and has an even temperament perfect for film work.  He’s a joy to have on set.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Due to Ponti’s mixed breed, he is truly one of a kind.  His shaggy style is adorable in every way and because he can do the excellent trick of ‘looking shy’, he can really pull at the heart strings!


There’s no other word for Ponti, but ‘cute’; it embodies everything about him.  He’s like a scruffy teddy bear with his lovable face.  This makes him perfectly suitable for Christmas and Birthday cards and other doggy merchandise.


Whilst we all mainly want to snuggle up with Ponti on the sofa, he’s no stranger to action shots.  He absolutely loves water, enjoying swimming and diving, as well as running about with his pals.  For this reason, he’s a great choice for those movement shots you may require in front of the stills camera.


Ponti has a very expressive face and can hold himself in a variety of emotive poses.  He is suited to a variety of themes, but we love seeing him in rural and countryside location shoots as much as in a studio environment where he can play dress up or work with products and props.  He’s a great all-rounder.

Experience + -

Ponti is a highly experienced dog model having appeared in all media formats including TV, commercials, idents, social media and stills photography.  Not all of his credits are listed (due to confidentiality) however, some of his impressive appearances are listed below.

Ponti is a bullet-proof dog to work with on set.  He and his handler are true professionals and will bring joy to your production.



Pooch Perfect – TV series.  Lead role in every episode of Series 1.

Fur and Fables – Stills photography on location

Capture The Countryside – Stills photography on location

Google Nest – TV commercial

The Times – Stills shoot

Dog Tales (Nova) – TV series




Cross paws



Head down

Head on lap

Head tilt


Hug (another dog/cat)

Jump up, on and over, leave it

Leap into water

Look to point

Open and close doors

Paws up

Play dead

Push with nose

Retrieve to mark

Roll over

Shy / Hide eyes


Sit pretty


Spin (left & right)




Take eyelines

Walk backwards

Walk to mark

Wear clothes and accessories