Appearance + -

Breed: Mixed Breed 

Sex: Male

Date of Birth:  01/09/2018


Neck circumference: 16 cm

Length (base of neck to tail): 27cm

Height (floor to shoulder): 27 cm

Floor to top of head: TBC

Chest circumference: 28 cm

Weight: 25kg

Polo is a terrier type, but an unknown mixed breed of Romanian origin.  Adopted straight from the streets of Romania alongside his mother, Polo was brought to the UK to live among four other livestock guardian dogs (all rescued from the Romanian streets).  Named after Polaris (the North Star) and as a thank you to a donor who loved the game of polo, this pooch is adored by everyone he meets.

Polo has an unbreakable bond with his human and is trained using freedom and choice plus rewards.  He’s an exceptionally bright dog that has achieved so much in his time in the UK.  Within his first year, Polo achieved gold certification of his Kennel Club Good Citizen Award, passing both silver and gold in one weekend.  Has has gone on to become his owner’s assistance dog.  He really is quite extraordinary.

Suitable acting roles + -

His startling blue eyes, his scruffy mane and his tufty ears give Polo his one-of-a-kind appearance.  This, coupled with his impressive skills list, makes Polo one impressive dog actor.  

As a mixed breed, he is suitable for many roles.  His terrier type appearance is suitable for a wide variety of themes including family, home, rural and urban settings.  His quirky looks also lend themselves to comedic roles, particularly as he excels at the quizzical head tilt that is so useful in funny TV commercials and comedy programmes.

Polo has some incredible talents that other dogs find difficult; these include jumping on the spot from a standing position, target work, and performing to hand signals.  He’s truly talented.

Due to his breed traits, Polo has a strong prey drive and he cannot work alongside small animals, but this shouldn’t rule him out of consideration for filming roles with humans.  He does really well with humans of all ages and can also work alongside dogs from his own household.

Having done plenty of event work among hundreds of people, even appearing at Crufts, Polo is a dog that is capable of working in front of a large audience and doesn’t shy away from the loud noises and busy environments experienced on film sets.

Polo has bags of studio experience and never disappoints.  He’s an excellent dog to work alongside and always gets rave reviews.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Polo has a truly unique appearance; he’s absolutely adorable in every way.  If you love that scruffy terrier look, Polo is the dog for you.  He has a white lower body with grey hair on top of his back and head.  His beautiful black button nose is framed by white hair so that you can really see his features.

What makes him truly stand out is his blue lagoon eyes.  Just wow!  They really draw you in and make you pay attention.  His colouring truly shines against any backdrop. We think he looks so striking against a white backdrop where his features can be the focus. 

Polo’s huge skills list enable him to strike a pose in a variety of interesting postures.  He’s really great at balancing and loves to perch on top of items; this is ideal for product placement work.  All in all, he’s an incredibly photogenic dog and super easy to work with.

Experience + -

Polo is a highly skilled dog model and actor with a huge amount of event experience to boot.  He has completed several professional stills photography shoots and is very capable in the studio.  He has also worked as back up dog for a TV commercial on two separate occasions, and though he wasn’t required on the day, Polo was more than capable of the challenge and behaved impeccably on set.  This dog is a joy to work with and we always receive great feedback for him.


Kennel Club Good Citizen Award – Gold certification

Crufts – Rescue dog agility

Autism’s Got Talent – Live tricks performance at The Mermaid theatre, London

Warren Photographic – Stills shoot

Cassidy Meyer – Stills shoot

Mark Taylor – Stills shoot

TV Commercial – Back up dog

Agility trained
Cuddle human’s legs
Go to mark
Head tilt
High Five
Hold item (up to 10 seconds)
Jump up from standing
Jump up, on, over
Look to point
Paws up
Target work
Twist with paws up
Wear clothing and accessories
Wear hats