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The Animal Talent

The Animal Talent

Appearance + -

Name – Pikachu

Breed – Pomeranian

Gender – Male


Neck –  33cm

Chest – 41cm 

Back – 33cm 

Height to shoulders –  33cm

Height to head – 38cm 

Weight – 5kg 

Pikachu the Pomeranian is a playful, friendly and energetic dog, with a lively and curious personality. Typical to his breed, he is also very loyal to his humans and quite protective. He is known for his intelligence and overriding eager to please. 

Pikachu has a fluffy, thick coat in a light shade of orange red. He has a compact, small body and a fox-like appearance with a small, pointy nose and erect ears.

The Pomeranian breed originated in the Pomerania region of Germany and they were originally bred as working dogs. They were favoured by royalty and became popular in the 18th century as companion dogs.

In popular culture, Pomeranians have been featured in various movies and TV shows, including in the movie “To Die For” starring Nicole Kidman where a Pomeranian named Foxy played an important role in the plot. In addition the TV show “The Nanny” featured a Pomeranian named Chester who was a beloved pet of the main character played by Fran Drescher.

Pomeranians have also gained popularity on social media, with many accounts dedicated to the cute and fluffy breed. Essentially Pikachu’s distinctive, fluffy appearance would enhance any production.

Suitable acting roles + -

Given Pikachu’s breed and personality traits, as well as his set of skills, there are several acting roles that he would be eminently suitable for in film, television, or theatre.

His ability to follow cues such as sit, stay, stand, wait, and his strong recall makes him a great contender for a role in a movie or TV show that requires an obedient dog. He could potentially be cast in a family-friendly comedy, a romantic comedy, or a drama where he could be portrayed as a loyal and reliable companion.

Pikachu’s willingness to wear clothing and accessories could make him an ideal candidate for a role in a commercial, particularly for pet products or clothing brands. He could showcase different outfits or accessories, which would be appealing to audiences and could help to promote the brand.

Pikachu’s ability to be held and handled makes him a good candidate for a role in a theatre production or musical, particularly for shows that require live animals on stage. He could be cast in a children’s production, a musical, or a play where he could play a supporting role such as a pet or companion to one of the main characters.

Overall Pikachu’s breed and personality traits make him a versatile dog that could potentially be cast in a variety of roles in film, television and theatre. His obedience, willingness to wear clothing and ability to be held and handled could open up several opportunities for him in the entertainment industry.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Pikachu the red-coloured Pomeranian has a charming and adorable appearance, which makes him suitable for modelling.

Pikachu’s playful and curious personality that is instantly recognisable in his appearance makes him an ideal model for a range of lifestyle products. He could be pictured with his owner in different settings, such as at home or on vacation, showcasing a range of products and services. For example he could model travel accessories, food and beverage products, or home goods that promote a lifestyle of leisure and enjoyment.

Pomeranians are often seen as luxurious pets and Pikachu’s cute and fluffy appearance makes him a perfect fit for high-end fashion brands. He could also be pictured inside luxury cars or posing with them, promoting the lifestyle associated with these brands.

Pikachu’s small size and fluffy coat make him a good model for a range of fashion products, including clothing, accessories and cosmetics.  Pikachu can model sweaters, hats, sunglasses and jewellery for small dog breeds. 

Finally Pomeranians are often associated with modern living, which makes Pikachu a natural fit for technology products. He could be pictured using smartphones, tablets or smartwatches, or wearing them as part of his outfit promoting the latest technology products and services.

Overall Pikachu’s charming and adorable appearance, combined with his playful and curious personality, make him a versatile model that could promote a range of products and services including lifestyle, automotive, fashion and technology products.

Experience + -

Pikachu has all the aptitude to work in a professional filming environment and is particularly well suited to stills photography since he has a solid “stay” cue.  This good looking boy is a bullet-proof Pomeranian that is used to busy environments such as the film set and photography studio.  He’s best suited to location based shoots and his winning appearance ensures you’ll capture an expressive image.

Be held / handled






Wear clothing and accessories

Work with children


Pikachu snuggles up in bed among some white bed sheet Pikachu, the pomeranian dog model lays on his bed, on his back. He looks remarkably cute Pikachu looks out of the window, showcasing his perfectly groomed hair do Pikachu, the red Pomeranian dog model poses on a dog bed; he looks like a living teddy bear