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The Animal Talent

The Animal Talent

Appearance + -

Breed: Mixed Breed

Sex: Male


Mixed Breed, Otis, is a really interesting mixed breed black dog with bags of character.  He looks like an oversized Pomeranian, however, he has a ‘Heinz 57’ variety of breeds within him.  Having lived an adventurous life so far, this adult dog has had a life full of adventures.  Sadly, in 2022, Otis suffered an eye infection which led to the removal of one eye, but this hasn’t slowed Otis down one bit.  He is still as capable as he ever was and continues to show off his extensive skills list with aplomb.

Otis is a highly trained dog with a number of tricks up his sleeve.  He works daily with his professional handler who has studied animal behaviour at degree level and is a science based trainer, using positive reward-led reinforcements.  Otis accompanies his handler in her training sessions, acting as a demonstrator and a stooge for reactive dogs, proving his capabilities.

Being a one-eyed dog opens Otis up to a number of specialised roles in TV film and other formats of media.  This feature is not only endearing but awe inspiring; this capable boy is quite astonishing in his ability.

Suitable acting roles + -

Otis the mixed breed dog actor really has the cute appeal.  Couple this with his extensive skills list and excellent general obedience, this capable boy is a real asset to the on-set environment.

Otis is a keen learner and loves to train for new behaviours and skills.  For the more complex scripts, Otis can step up to the role.  He and his trainer are both professionals and are capable of sequencing actions, working to hand signals and possessing excellent filming etiquette.

Having the appearance of a large Pomeranian, it might be easy to type-cast Otis as a pampered pooch, but he is a) too big for a handbag and b) much more capable than his silky coat may suggest.  Otis also loves to get a bit muddy out in the countryside and never worries too much about his hairstyle!

His special appearance lends him to different genres of filming.  Charity fundraising adverts are an obvious example due to him missing an eye, however, his somewhat off-beat appearance makes him capture attention; standing out among any pack of dogs.  We see him as a capable and wise villain’s assistant in a feature film, or the best friend of an elderly soap star.  He’s a versatile dog that can work in any environment.

Otis prefers to follow instructions from his handler, but can work with human actors once proper introductions have been made.  He’s been well socialised and can work alongside other dogs if required, preferring the company of other animals to humans.  He has a good list of skills in his armoury that are applicable for commercial filming, TV programmes and much more.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Otis is a gorgeous, jet-black coloured dog with a bold and proud stance.  His appearance is very similar to that of a black Pomeranian, however, he is much too large for that breed.

Working with a side profile, you have option to use Otis’ image as if he weren’t missing an eye, yet why hide such an incredible feature?  We should make the most of differences and highlight his uniqueness as an asset.

Otis and his striking black coat looks incredible against any colour backdrop in the studio.  With effective lighting, the gleam on his shiny coat is captured.  He is a real poser and can pose for stills in any position.  He particularly enjoys working outside, loving the countryside the most.  He looks striking against a rural backdrop.

Photography highlighting the loss of his eye can be useful for charities, health and wellness businesses and messages that focus on body positivity.  We don’t want to shy away from this feature.  His novel appearance opens him up for partnership opportunities that are looking for a unique image.  Otis will always stand out from a crowd and be instantly recognisable.

Otis is a skilled dog model that aims to please his handler.  He follows commands easily during photoshoots and enjoys the experience, letting his fun loving character shine through.

Experience + -

Otis has had a lot of experience in front of a live audience and has been used by his experienced handler and dog trainer as a demonstration dog for classes both online and in person.  He’s a bombproof dog in unfamiliar environments and easily follows instructions from his expert professional handler.

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Black mixed breed Otis sails in a small boat on the riverOtis lays down on a wooden floor practicing his chin rest on a pink dog toyOtis, a small black dog, lays down on a wooden floor with a pink dog toy between his legsOtis, a black Pomeranian mixed breed dog lays down in an autumn woodland. His remaining eye looks adoringly at the cameraOtis the mixed breed black dog sits on a fallen tree alongside his friend, a chihuahuaOtis, the mixed breed black dog sits next to a Doberman and a Chihuahua in a woodland. He sits proudly with his tongue sticking out