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The Animal Talent

The Animal Talent

Appearance + -

Breed: Labrador

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 04/01/2020


Neck circumference: 53cm

Length (base of neck to tail): 67cm

Height (floor to shoulder): 53cm

Floor to top of head: 69cm

Chest circumference: 29cm

Weight: 38kg

Otis the Labrador has the most beautiful golden coat (officially termed ‘yellow’) accompanied by a cute pink button nose.  He has an outgoing personality, bags of confidence and is well primed for dog modelling work.

Labrador Retrievers, (Labradors as they are best known) are one of the most famous breeds here in the UK.  They are a true representative of a ‘British dog’.  The breed is well loved for their friendliness, appearance and how outgoing they are.  Otis carries these breed traits and is a high spirited yet obedient boy.

Labradors are classified as retriever gun dogs. The breed was developed in the United Kingdom in the 1830s from fishing dogs imported from the colony of Newfoundland, and was named after the Labrador region of that colony.  Since then, they’ve become universally known as an intelligent, loyal and playful family companion.

Universally recognisable and loved whole-heartedly by people the world over, the yellow lab is known best for their work as guide dogs and also advertising a certain toilet roll company; we’re looking at you, Andrex!  Films we’re sure you’ve seen that feature Labs are Marley & Me, and The Incredible Journey.  They’ve featured in film and TV as long as we can remember and there’s a good reason why; they’re biddable, bright and love to work.  Otis is just one of these outstanding dogs; he’s a regular at dog shows winning rosettes a-plenty and has a good level of general obedience suitable for media work.

Suitable acting roles + -

Otis is a good looking boy with a beautiful, loving temperament.  He follows cues easily and loves to train with his handler.  A regular on the dog show circuit, Otis is used to performing in front of a crowd; he’s well socialised to busy and noisy environments, knowing to settle when it’s not his turn, and switching on the charm when it is.  What’s great about Otis is that he doesn’t mind repeating actions, so he’ll keep working no matter how many takes you need.

He can work on set and out on location; he absolutely adores being in the countryside and that suits how we imagine a Labrador in our minds.  This sort of imagery works perfectly for Otis.  We can picture him in a TV period drama standing next to the owner of a stately home, playing with kids in the garden as part of a commercial, or lolloping around in a goofy manner for a comedy programme.

Otis has nailed his general obedience skills and is working on further training, such as target work, that is appropriate for filming scenarios. He already follows the eyeline naturally and can complete most actions required for TV work.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Otis the yellow Labrador has studio photography experience and is absolutely ready for more; it’s a pastime he loves.  He’s a good looking boy that is patient in front of the camera, posing and repeating actions as required.  Unfazed by flash photography and the studio environment, Otis loves being the centre of attention.

His golden coat looks lovely against any colour background; because of his naturally light markings, he also looks lovely in black and white photography, or even sepia if you’re going for the old-world look.

His natural dog-smile (the tongue-out mouth open, relaxed jaw we all love) shows off his character beautifully.  He’s such a friendly boy that can work with other dogs in the studio and human models when required.  He’s loves being around children which is quite typical of the breed, and will enjoy interacting with them for photoshoots.

Happy to wear doggy apparel and accessories, Otis can also work with props, holding them in his mouth if required.  This skill is particularly useful for product branding and commercial photography.  Otis can hold a pose or position easily and you’ll find him a breeze to work with.  His experience on studio shoots means that he is a reliable dog to work with.

Experience + -

Otis has dog modelling experience and is no stranger to the studio.  He’s also had a lot of practice at dog shows and he’s a reliable dog in most challenging environments.  Otis is a micro-influencer on Instagram where he has a small yet loyal following that interact with his posts daily.  He has a positive attitude to all of his work and is enthusiastic about displaying his training skills.  To hire Otis for your next media project, contact us today.


Garry Solomon Photography – Stills photoshoot

Black Dog Photography – Stills photoshoot


Drop it

Hold in mouth

Leave it







Wear clothing and accessories

Otis looks up at his handler. He is smiling and you can see his front teeth. He is set against a blue backgroundOtis the labrador sniffing grass in a meadowLabrador Otis sits in front of a block yellow background and he has the biggest smile on his relaxed face.Otis looks up at his handler. He is smiling and you can see his front teeth. He is set against a blue backgroundOtis sits relaxed in a professional photoshoot. He is wearing a chain collarSide profile of Otis the yellow labrador who wears a bow tie. Headshot of yellow Labrador, Otis. He is set in sepia and looks directly at the cameraSitting with a side tilt, Otis looks lovingly at the camera. The yellow Labrador sits against a brown backgroundYellow Lab, Otis, smiles as he looks at the camera. He wears a tweed bow tie and his mouth is relaxed; he has loving eyesHead shot of Labrador Otis. He sticks his long tongue out