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The Animal Talent

Appearance + -

Breed: Chihuahua

Sex: Female

Olive the Chihuahua has a gorgeous lilac, smooth coat.  She has all the personality that we know and love about the breed with that cheeky face that makes everyone smile!

Olive is a girl that wears her heart on her sleeve and her facial expressions are incredibly emotive.  She portrays grumpy, sassy, funny and cute with ease.  If you’re a fan of tiny pocket rockets, Olive is for you!

Named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua, this dog is among the smallest of all breeds and is classed as a ‘toy breed’.  Usually kept as a companion animal the chihuahua typically does well in the show ring because of their obedience levels and general good health.

Originating in Mexico, there is evidence that Chihuahuas trace their lineage back to the Techichi, who were companion dogs domesticated by the Toltecs of ancient Mexico.  The upper-classes believed the Techichi were sacred animals that guided the soul to the after world.  Many Techichi were buried with their masters because of this.  In later years, it’s thought that these dogs found their way into the United States when they were sold to tourists traveling across the border.  They’re now popular the world over.

Famous representatives of the breed include Ren from  The Ren and Stimpy Show  (a controversial cartoon on the Nickelodeon network), which starred Ren, a rather hot-headed Chihuahua who hung out with his sidekick Stimpy, a not-so-bright cat.  There is also Bruiser, a fabulously dressed Chihuahua toted around by Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) in the Legally Blonde films. Played by a Chihuahua named Moonie, this cutie-pie played a central role in the sequel, which had a plotline around animal rights.  More recently, Tinkerbell was Paris Hilton’s companion.  Hilton made her dog, Tinkerbell  a star by carrying her around in designer bags and featuring her in photoshoots.

These dogs like attention and are loyal to their owners. Even though they are considered lap dogs, the chihuahua is an active dog and likes to be kept occupied, making excellent family pets when treated respectfully.  Olive fits these breed characteristics perfectly.  She’s an intelligent girl that loves to learn and please her handler.

Suitable acting roles + -

Olive is a small dog with a big personality.  This characterful dog is a must for her own series, never mind as a highlight in an advert, an accompaniment in a TV show or and extra in a film!  Olive should be the star of the show.

This bombproof dog is self-assured in all environments; she loves people and can work alongside or even be held by a model or actor.  She loves to rough it with the big dogs in the park and is happy to work with other dogs from different households on set once introductions have been made.

Walking with a beautiful trot she walks to heel on a loose lead always and is incredibly obedient with her expert handler.  Her handler, being a professional behaviourist and dog trainer, can get great results from this lively dog.  Both are super skilled and have excellent set etiquette.

Olive is suitable for a variety of roles and is suited to the less complex scripts where shorter actions are required.  Her beautiful appearance lends itself to glamourous filming in a stylish setting.  As the chihuahua breed is frequently kept as a companion animal for dog lovers in cities, Olive will fill the role of an urban dog perfectly.

She’s a beautiful girl with a very expressive face that can be utilised for comedy moments in films and TV.  Her googly eyes and tongue out pose is really hilarious.  Being so small, she also has the cute factor, making her appropriate for seasonally themed work (such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day).

Suitable modelling roles + -

Olive is a stunning little chihuahua that embodies fun and happiness.  Her smooth lilac coat has a real shine and the cream colouring around her mouth and eyes simply highlights her emotive face.  With Olive, you’ll find it easy to capture a cute picture, a funny picture, a grumpy face, a sleepy face or sheer happiness.  She shows real emotions when she’s in action or posing for the camera.

Being such a fine example of her pedigree breeding, Olive is a good candidate for photography for breed branded merchandise such as chihuahua calendars, mugs and beakers, signs, postcards, books and more.

Olive has a strong sit and stay and can pose in a variety of positions, with or on top of props.  She can hold this position for the cameraman to get the required shot.  Olive is also happy to work with flash photography.

Olive has the smooth coat with lilac markings (a diluted shade of blues and reds) that is highly sought after in the breed.  She’s a stunning looking lady and is a wonderful asset to any stills photoshoot.

Experience + -

Otis has had a lot of experience in front of a live audience and has been used by his experienced handler and dog trainer as a demonstration dog for classes both online and in person.  He’s a bombproof dog in unfamiliar environments and easily follows instructions from his expert professional handler.

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Olive, the mixed Chihuahua sits next to a Doberman and a black mixed breed Pomeranian in a woodland. She sits proudly with her head in the airOlive the chihuahua sits in front of Otis, a black Pomeranian mixed breed in an autumn woodland sceneOlive the chihuahua sits peacefully on the beach with her eyes closed and a smile on her faceOlive the chihuahua sits on a sandy beach looking directly up at the cameraOlive the chocolate and cream chihuahua pears over a tiny sideboard. She looks longingly over the obstacleOlive the chihuahua lays down on an antique rug chewing a natural twisted dog chew. She looks in absolute bliss Olive, the chocolate and cream chihuahua is being carried in a navy blue backpack (dog carrier) by her handlerOlive the chihuahua smiles as she bathes in a sun puddle. Her eyes are closed and her ears stick out to the side like angel wingsOlive the chocolate and cream chihuahua stands on a sandy beach and stretches her neck, lifting her beautiful face into the air.