The Animal Talent

The Animal Talent

The Animal Talent

Appearance + -

Breed: Cavapoo

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 28/12/2020


Neck circumference: 32cm

Length (base of neck to tail): 50cm

Height (floor to shoulder): 40cm

Floor to top of head: 47cm

Chest circumference: 52cm

Weight: 10kg


Adorable Cavapoo, Mr Darcy, is a champion trick dog with modelling experienced.  This refined and good looking gentleman has a golden teddy bear appearance that is simply adorable.


Cavapoos (also named Cavoodles) are one of the increasingly prevalent ‘doodle’ mixed breeds that have seen a mass explosion in canine companionship all around the world and they are particularly popular in the UK.  For those people who are unacquainted with the Cavapoo, they are a mix of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and varying sizes of the poodle breed (usually miniature).


Darcy has all the traits that people love about the Cavapoo mix (but doodles in general); he is a highly skilled dog with bags of personality and a cute, cuddly appearance.  He is perfectly proportioned and has gorgeous colouring.


He is a very much loved dog with an expert owner-handler.  He excels at his training and enrichment, doing brain games and trick work.  He has reached Grand Champion certification with Do More With Your Dog and to have achieved this as a youngster is quite a feat.  He achieved this before his second birthday and there are only 400 dogs in the world to have reached this level over the past decade.  Quite tremendous!


Mr Darcy receives adoring comments wherever he goes and it’s easy to see why.  This extremely talented dog is a joy to be around.

Suitable acting roles + -

Mr Darcy has an a huge list of skills in his repertoire that are appropriate for film and TV work.  There is nothing that fazes this calm and collected doggy and he is always perfectly happy to train bespoke tricks and skills as required.  Darcy is a dog that is capable of the more complex film briefs and can work on extensive scripts.  This talented dog model can also sequence his actions for lengthier takes.


Able to work to silent hand cues is particularly useful during filming and his distance work is impeccable, so getting that wide angle shot is easy for the camera man.


This handsome young dog is not only well trained and obedient on set, he’s very good looking.  He grabs attention wherever he goes and is a real showstopper.


He can work in busy filming environments as well as outdoors or on location; he’s adaptable to any environment.  Darcy can work with child actors as well as adults and he particularly enjoys working with other dogs, easily keeping his calm when required.


Mr Darcy has perfected a number of skills that are suitable in TV, film and other media projects.  His handler works towards extending his skill set every day and Darcy takes this in his stride.  He’s a lovely dog that will have a fine career in the dog acting industry.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Mr Darcy has that cuddly teddy bear appearance that is so cherished and adored.  He’s the perfect subject matter for any photographer.


His golden and white markings are just adorable and he has an expressive face with lovable eyes.  He’s super sweet and will suit family and home themed photography as well as seasonal shoots where the cute factor is required.


He is very well socialised and can easily work in any environment with no fear of flash photography.  He simply loves people and other dogs, so can work with other animal models and any age human as required.


Donning a perfectly quaffed hair-do, Darcy is a stylish model yet can also scruff it up if required!  He also enjoys wearing and accessories when required.  Being an expert trick dog, he can pose in almost any position, is great at working with props and can work with most objects, no matter the size or shape.  This opens him up to commercial photography and product shoots.


This handsome man is a real showstopper of the cuddly kind and looks simply fabulous in posed stills or action shots. He’s an excellent all-rounder that is equally as happy in the studio as he is outdoor on location.

Experience + -

Mr Darcy is a highly skilled dog with champion trick dog status.  He is an experienced dog model and has worked on stills photography shoots both on location and within the studio.  He follows instruction well and can work with silent hand cues.  He’s a charming Cavapoo with bags of personality and his temperament is particularly suited to TV and film work.



Ivan Finch Photography – Studio stills photography

Raven Imagery – Location stills photography

Do More With Your Dog – Trick Dog Grand Champion

The Highgate Dog Photographer – Stills location based photoshoot

Airplane jumps over arms
Barrel racing (go around cone)
Carry my bag
Cross paws
Cue cards
Darcy’s tricks
Figure 8
Footsies walking
Head down
High five
Jump over object
Leg weaves
Nose touch
Paws up
Pick pocket hankerchief
Piggy bank
Play dead
Press talking buttons
Pull off sock and return it
Push shopping trolley
Retrieve an object over a jump
Ring bell
Ring toss
Say prayers
Shake paw
Sit pretty/beg
Spin (both ways)
Stacking cups
Stand on hind legs
Tell me a secret
Tidy up toys
Weave poles
Wipe paws