The Animal Talent

The Animal Talent

The Animal Talent

Appearance + -

Breed: Border Collie

Sex: Male

Neck circumference: 18cm
Length (base of neck to tail):  60cm base of tail
Height (floor to shoulder): 48cm
Floor to top of head: 56cm
Chest circumference: 60cm

Weight: 24.5 kg

Mohawk is a beautiful blue border collie, striking in appearance because of his slightly rounder nose and soft face.  He’s absolutely beautiful with his beautiful black and white coat and gushing beard.

This Scottish dog is a breed of herding dog, widely considered to be the most intelligent dog breed.  They are descended from landrace sheepdogs (once found all over the British Isles), but are so called because they became standardised in the Anglo-Scottish borders.

Not only is the border collie intelligent, the breed is full of energy. They are graceful and born with an instinct to work responding extremely well to training.  They are often work in mountain-rescue or as sniffer dogs as well as their widely known roll as sheep herders.

Famous owners of the breed include Queen Victoria, Beatrix Potter, James Dean, and more recently, Jon Bon Jovi, Tiger Woods and Ethan Hawke.  They’re also a staple in popular culture featuring in movies and TV regularly.  In Britain, one of Blue Peter’s most famous dogs was a border collie named Shep and in the States, Murray was in the series ‘Mad About You’.  The breed has also starred in films including Babe, Animal Farm and Snow Dogs.

Like all border collies, Mohawk is super intelligent, loyal and faithful, loving the company of his human.  Mohawk is owned and handled by a professional dog trainer who has excellent professional experience and trick training ability.

Suitable acting roles + -

Mohawk is a skilled dog that has training in sheep dog work, trick training, trail running and obedience training (including fun agility).  This active and beautiful boy is the perfect dog for many TV and film productions as he is socially sound and steady in all environments.

With a strong skills list and as a participator of many dog sports Mohawk is an intelligent boy that is capable of learning sequenced behaviour in preparation for the more complex briefs and scripts.  He’s capable of a long working day on set and settles easily in between scenes.  Mohawk is a true professional.

Border Collie, Mohawk, is used to working in an outdoor environment; it’s within his breed characteristics after all.  He’s exceptional at location-based filming and if you’re filming in the rugged outdoors exhibiting themes around the country side, working dogs, or other rural themes, Mohawk is the perfect dog.

This gorgeous boy has a mild manner and is a true gentleman.  He works well with people and can be included in scenes with child actors.  He follows instruction from his professional dog handler easily and is keen to please.  With some studio filming experience under his belt, rest assured he’s used to the environment of a busy film set, lights and all the associated noises.  Fully prepared for film work, Mohawk and his handler are skilled, capable and a joy to work with.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Mohawk is a blue border collie and this colour distinction is important because to the untrained eye, a blue coat looks similar to the black border collie because of the dark and light shade.  What you may fail to notice is that a blue coat is a progressive ash grey.   Blue border colliers were born with a black coat, but it lightens to grey/blue as they mature.

With Mohawk’s beautiful markings, it’s easy to photograph him in front of any colour backdrop.  Of course, border collies are famous for their outdoor lifestyle and therefore, they look particularly great in a rural environment if you’re shooting on location.  However, the super smart dogs fit in any environment, even the city, as long as they are kept active and have a job to do.  Therefore, don’t rule Mohawk out for urban photography or home themes.

This good looking boy and his gentle, soft facial features, has an appearance of a mild mannered family dog.  For this sort of scene, Mohawk is more than happy to work with models of all ages in the required setting.

A fine example of his pedigree breeding Mohawk is suitable for branded photography work that pertains to his breed, such as dog food, dog clothes and breed merchandise (including books, calendars, door signs and more).

Mohawk is also capable of working with props and posing in a variety of positions.  This energetic dog is a joy to capture in motion if you’re going for an action shot; the way his coat flows in the wind is sublime.  Mohawk is a wonderful all rounder with studio and location photoshoot experience.

Experience + -

Mohawk is an experienced dog and has modelled previously for dog accessories.  He also accompanies his handler in her professional training classes, acting as a stooge for training purposes.  Mohawk has also had professional stills photography and film studio experience.   He’s a well trained dog with exceptional intelligence and an adorable appearance.  He has a bright future of him in TV and film.


Matt Elliot Pet Photography – Stills photo shoot

Matt Elliot Pet Photography – Studio filming

The Mutty Professor – Dog accessories model

Chin rest
Down (side of sphinx)
Emergency ‘stop’
Go to mark
Paws up
Stalk on cue (outdoors only)
Walk to heel

Mohawk posing in a step up position. Professional photoshoot with Matt ElliotMohawk the blue show line border collie showcasing facial expressions in the studio. Professional photoshoot with Matt ElliotProfessional photoshoot with Matt Elliot. Mohawk in the down position (sphynx pose side profile)Professional photoshoot with Matt Elliot. Border Collie Mohawk in the down position, front profileBorder Collie Mohawk (black and white in colour) smiles as he poses with paws up for his handlerMohawk the border collie giving paw to a modelMohawk the border collie posing next to a dinosaur modelMohawk the blue border collie sitting and smiling with his friendMohawk the border collie working in her natural environment as a sheep herderSide profile headshot of blue border collie, MohawkPortrait of Mohawk the blue border collie and his friend in front of a magnificent treeBorder collie, Mohawk, stands on top of a hay bail. Wind is in his hair and he has a relaxed grin on his faceMohawk wears an orange life jacket and it's a good job! He's standing on a rocky outcrop and a big wave splashes his sideMohawk is in a lying position and we see a close up of his beautiful border collie snout Mohawk lies down on a hay bail and sticks his tongue out. He looks really happyMohawk stands on a rocky outcrop on the shorelineMohawk and his friend stand on top of a hill. They look to their handler for cuesMohawk and his friends are out on a country walk. They pose alongside a stone wallMohawk balances on a wall and looks longingly into the distance