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Appearance + -

Breed: Malinois

Sex: Female

Malinois Méduse is a magnificent lady.  At her young age, she has achieved an awful lot and is a wonderful advocate for the breed.  These are intelligent, agile and energetic dogs, so Méduse thrives in a professional capacity where she gets to use her mind.

Méduse and her professional handler practice mondioring; a clear signal that handler and dog have an exceptional understanding of each other.  Mondioring is a complex sport that aims to show the handler’s skills, the dog’s training, the dog’s intelligence and the natural abilities the dog possesses.  The skills included in mondioring are facing attack (with accessories/weapons), fleeing attack (with a stop), defending the handler and guarding objects.

Méduse also has protection training (bite work) and the skill of this is founded in the dog’s impulse control and the ability to deal with stress.  Impressively Méduse and her handler have achieved these incredible skills using positive, reward based training, something we take very seriously here at The Animal Talent.

Due to recent film stardom, the Malinois breed has become very popular.  Films such as ‘The Brave One’ (with Jodie Foster) and ‘Dog’ (with Channing Tatum). However, this magnificent breed of dog is not for the faint of heart and it’s important that their handling is done with care and professionalism.  Sometimes known as the Belgian Shepherd, this breed was bread for herding as the name suggests, however, the Malinois is also known for its instinctive guarding abilities and they are frequently hired for work by the military (for activities such as bomb detection) and police around the world.

Méduse exhibits all of these impressive breed traits; she has a fabulous physique and is incredibly attractive.  She is confident and exceptionally well trained.  She participates in dog sports and activities that strengthen her health, body condition and mental well-being.  She is capable for working a wide variety of film roles that portray the wonderful capabilities of this fascinating breed.

Suitable acting roles + -

Méduse and her professional handler are a capable duo.  With mondioring, bite work, agility and tricks in her skill set, it’s easy to see why Méduse is so respected in the working dog community.  There isn’t anything she can’t turn her hand to.  At her young age, she is already experienced in exhibition and event work, demonstrating her abilities in front of large live audiences.  She is not distracted by anything in her surroundings and therefore she has huge ability in film studios and on location.  This capable, well-travelled dog can work anywhere.

Although she is already superbly well trained, Méduse simply loves to learn.  She’s a thinking dog that is capable of sequencing skills and behaviours and working on longer, scripted roles.  Clearly, her protection training and stunt work opens her up for roles where she may be required to bite or exhibit controlled guarding behaviours.

Her impulse control is such that she can easily work on the less physically demanding roles; she’s so beautiful that it’s amazing to see her graceful running and play as well as her impressive bite work.

Méduse is a thinking and physically capable dog with a lovely nature; she is incredibly loyal to her handler and follows commands easily.  This makes the whole filming process a lot easier.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Stunning Méduse can achieve any  pose or position that you’re looking for within your photography.  Able to work with props, Méduse can hold items and carry when necessary.  If you’re working on commercial product photography, she possesses the essential skills to really show off the brand.

This stunning girl has an incredible physique and she is the perfect representation of her breed.  She’s really a fabulous looking Malinois and carries all the attributes we love in the breed.  If you’re looking for adrenaline fuelled action shots, Méduse is your girl.  She is super impressive in movement and exhibits physicality to perfection.

Her pointy ears and striking eyes are to die for.  With her ability to look ferocious one minute, she can turn on the charm with her style and handsomeness the next.  At play, she can also look goofy and cute, so there are a variety of themes you can work towards with Méduse.  She’s reliable in any role.

Méduse and her professional handler can work in any environment for photoshoots and we love seeing her work in action.  She’s one impressive lady.

Experience + -

Méduse is a highly skilled dog with unrivalled experience in the events and exhibition world.  She and her experienced handler (who works worldwide) are incredibly capable, following instructions seamlessly.  We’re astounded by Méduse’s abilities and know you will be too.  Check out her videos to see her impressive skills and work ethics.   Whatever the role you’re casting for, Méduse the Malinois is a perfect dog to have on set.


Balance on object

Bite work





Eat/drink in new environment

Emergency stop


Give paw

Go around object/person

Go away

Go to mark

Head down

Head on object


High five

Hold item

Jump up/on/over an object


Look to point


Open/close door

Paws up on object


Play dead

Protection trained

Pull off socks

Retrieve an item

Scent work

Attack on command

Bite on command

Sleeve work



Sit pretty



Stand on hind legs


Stunt dog


Touch item

Touch with nose

Walk backwards

Walk to heel

Wear glasses

Wear pet clothing + accessories