Appearance + -

Breed: Standard Poodle


Sex: Male


Date of Birth: 11/03/2015


Weight: 27kg


Maxwell the standard poodle is a beautiful example of his breed in looks and temperament.  This TV experienced dog has bags of tricks and is a gentle giant, loved by everyone he meets.

This lovable poodle floof loves nothing more than socialising with people and other doggy friends; he’s full of happiness and excitement; one of the key character traits of the breed.  Add to this his trick training ability, Maxwell is true to the standard poodle qualities we know and love.  He loves dog sports and keeps active by practicing agility and ring craft.

Movies featuring standard poodles have always been a big hit on the big screen.  Films including 100% Wolf, Look Who’s Talking Now, Best In Show, White Chicks, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and animations such as Babe (Pig In The City)  and The Secret Life of Pets all feature the wonderful poodle and it’s easy to see why; they certainly capture attention.

One of the most intelligent dog breeds, poodles have worked as a guide dog, guard dog, military dog, circus performer, and wagon puller; showcasing their amazing talents in a variety of job roles.   It’s easy to see why they’re also wonderful to train for film and TV work; Maxwell is no exception.  He simply loves the limelight and is a joy to work alongside.

Suitable acting roles + -

Experienced dog actor, Maxwell, has already appeared on TV and so is familiar with a working studio.  He is a confident dog that isn’t affected by large noises, bright lights and the busy environment.  He’s also used to working alongside a large cast and crew.

This good looking dog is suitable for a variety of roles since he has such a versatile appearance and a good skills level.  Standard poodles have long been a favourite in filmed media for such a long time and have appeared in everything from comedies, period dramas to music videos; Maxwell is certainly equipped to work on any of these genres.

Maxwell shares his home with three other dogs of all different breeds and sizes; he’s super socialised and happy to work with other dogs on set if required.  He’s also very people-friendly and as his experience has shown, he can work with actors and crew of all ages without any issues.

A bullet-proof dog, Maxwell is capable, experienced and professional in the studio environment.  He’s also happy to work outdoors on location in a variety of settings.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Maxwell the silver standard poodle has a striking appearance and lovable face.  Having fast growing curls, Maxwell can be appropriately styled and groomed for any shoot and is always willing to have a dramatic haircut.  His portfolio demonstrates how he looks in various styles; Maxwell has a truly versatile appearance.

This good looking boy doesn’t show his age at all, even though he’s considered a senior.  He’s got a teddy bear appearance that is timeless and he’s particularly suited to adorable seasonal themed photography because he’s so darned cute!

Maxwell enjoys wearing clothes and costumes; he can even wear glasses and other dog accessories as required for fashion photography.

Due to Maxwell’s skill level, he finds it easy to pose in a variety of positions and work with props.  This is particularly useful for commercial photography if the brand requires product promotion.

Maxwell is a cuddly, happy looking dog that always appears to be smiling; he’s relaxed and composed in the photography studio and follows instructions easily.  He’s a true joy to work alongside.

Experience + -

Maxwell is an experienced dog actor and has featured in a high profile TV programme in 2021.  In this role he was shampooed, washed and groomed for the show in a full production TV studio.  He was also required to walk down a catwalk with an unfamiliar human model.  With excellent feedback from producers, Maxwell performed brilliantly and showcased his obedience and talents.  He is a true professional and with his high skill set, he’ll have a long career in entertainment.


Pooch Perfect UK – TV series filming (dog grooming feature)

Wakefield Express – Newspaper interview and stills photoshoot


Back up




Paws up

Ring craft

Roll over

Shoot dead






Maxwell's interview in the Wakefield Express newspaperMaxwell enjoys a rural, woodland walkMaxwell in a "continental cut" is happy playing on the beach; he has his tail in the air and his tongue outMaxwell has a bouffant hair do and scowls with distaste at the camera. His big nose is on display and the text reads "boop the snoot"!Maxwell practices his paw lift pose at homeMaxwell the standard poodle is wet through in the bath, just about to be shampooedMaxwell the poodle is standing looking into the distance with a relaxed jaw and a smile on his faceMaxwell the standard poodle poses in a wooden boatMaxwell in a "paws up" pose while out on a country walkMaxwell sporting a "miami" poodle cut and being handled during an exhibition of ring craft in the show ringMaxwell wears a blue jumper out on his walkMaxwell the silver poodle wears a black bow tie and a black and white suit while posing on a chairMaxwell the standard poodle sits on a chair wearing sunglassesmaxwell-Maxwell standing up at the counter at the vet's practiceClose up of Maxwell the standard poodle with a bouffant hair do