Appearance + -

Breed: Dalmatian

Sex: Female

Date of Birth: 23/11/2019


Neck circumference: 39cm

Length (base of neck to tail): 73cm

Height (floor to shoulder): 51cm

Height (floor to top of head) 64cm

Chest circumference: 72cm

Weight: 25kg

Luna the Dalmatian is an impeccably well behaved dog with an impressive skills list and unfathomable beauty.   She has a very calm temperament and is incredibly obedient.

She is very playful and will play fetch with adults or children bringing fun and happiness to everyone she meets. Having been well-socialised from two months old with all breeds of dogs, horses and children nothing fazes this beautiful girl.

She is an absolute sweetheart who loves a cuddle and will comfort anyone near who may be upset.  She’s had this skill since birth; as a puppy, she even threw herself in front of a small breed dog that she didn’t know to protect him from an oncoming reactive dog that was looking to attack.  Quite the hero, we think you’ll agree.

Luna lights up every situation.  She is a pleasure to be around and her aim is to please everyone in the room.

Suitable acting roles + -

Luna is a highly skilled dog that has multiple tricks and has also had agility training.  This ensures that she is calm and composed and very obedient.  She can read a situation and adapt very easily, so working on a film set is no big deal for Luna.

Almost sensing she is at work, Luna loves to show off with tricks and will do anything for treats.  As she is food motivated, she is an easily trainable dog and can learn new skills depending on the script.  Luna cannot wait to be in front of a camera, showing off everything she knows!

This is a dog that is people orientated and one that is very empathetic; because of this, Luna is able to work with actors and actresses of all ages easily.

Luna is dog friendly and can mix with any breed or size.  She is also capable of working with some other animals (including horses) providing responsible introductions have been made first.  Luna is attentive, obedient and calm which are attributes we always look for in our acting dogs.

Suitable modelling roles + -

This adorable dotty doggy model has the perfect Dalmatian features that we all know and love.   Luna’s dots and spots are spread nicely around her body, with prominent patches on her floppy ears to frame her beautiful face.

This slender and athletic girl is a fine example of her breed and this makes Luna suitable for breed led merchandise including Birthday cards, calendars and home signage.

Luna loves to be out in all weathers and enjoys being photographed in the outdoors as much as in the studio.  She looks stunning against a rural backdrop as much as in a cityscape or urban setting.  Her white and black coat lends itself to studio photography where a wide range of colour schemes can be used.

Able to pose with props, on them and using them, Luna is versatile and her skills allow for a wide variety of shots.

Experience + -

Luna is an experienced dog model and has completed numerous pet photoshoots as well as professional studio photography.  She is highly talented with a strong skills list to prove her ability that accompanies her outstanding beauty.


Annabelle Smith Photography – Stills Photoshoot


Bang (lie down on the side)



Head tilt


High paw

Leave it

Over (jump over something)


Roll over






Luna the dalmatian sitting against a grey background. Her head tilts to one side.Luna laying down on a king sized bed with white linen.luna-3Luna the dalmatian posing on a white moon and star (for Annabelle Smith photography)Luna, as a puppy, with a pink bow around her head