Appearance + -

Breed: Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie)

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 15/08/2022


Neck circumference: 22cm

Length (base of neck to tail): 39cm

Height (floor to shoulder): 24cm

Floor to top of head: 41cm

Chest circumference: 37cm

Weight: 4.5kg

Luka the Shetland sheepdog is an incredibly cute young man and even at his age, he’s already proving an obedient and well trained dog.

Shetland Sheepdogs are lovingly named Shelties by many people and originated in the Shetland Islands, Scotland, in the very early 1900s as a breed of herding dog.  Still sometimes used for herding on crofts and small holdings, the Sheltie is now usually a family companion that excels at dog sports.

Shelties are often confused with the larger rough collie (the original Lassie dog), however, the Shetland sheepdog is much smaller.  Other than the obvious size difference there are some coat colour differences (with the rough collie having more variants) yet they both have double coats and both have long hair.  If you’re advertising a vacuum cleaner, this is the breed for you!

This gorgeous dog breed is simply stunning and always a showstopper.  If you’re a fan of action movies, you’ll know that a Sheltie named ‘Sam’ featured heavily in the Lethal Weapon film series and if you know your history, you’ll know that 30th President of the United States of America, Calvin Coolidge, made the breed popular State-side.

We think that Luka will be just as famous; he has all the wonderful traits of the breed.  He is gentle and sweet, playful and affectionate.  Luka aims to please and true to his breeding he has exceptional intelligence, meaning he excels at obedience training.  This super cute dog has a very bright future ahead of him.

Suitable acting roles + -

Luka is a talented young Sheltie with excellent obedience for his age.  He’s a dog that loves to please his handler and he enjoys working hard at his skills training.  He’ll also happily work with others and can follow the lead of actors and actresses as part of a scene if required.

This well socialised dog can work with child actors as well as adults; he just wants to be everyone’s friend.  Luka follows instructions easily and loves to show off a trick or two when the camera is on.  He isn’t fazed by big crowds, bright lights or loud noises; he’s an urban pup that has grown up in a bustling, busy city.

With a sold heel walk, sit, stay and recall even at his young age, Luka is currently training more skills for use in the studio.  For the time being, he is suitable for short roles in accordance with his age.  Of course, his biggest asset is his adorable appearance.  He’ll work well in scenes that have child focused family themes as well as in the outdoors in a rural backdrop similar to that of his heritage.  Luka is an active dog that will happily work off lead and watching him in motion frolicking around is super fun.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Luka is a golden sable and white Shetland sheepdog; a traditional colour for the breed.  He’s got the “Look mum, I’m a mini Lassie” appearance about him and is a real cutie.  He has loving eyes and a proud stance that makes him the perfect dog model.

A fine example of the Shetland sheepdog, Luka’s image is more than suitable for breed specific merchandise such as calendars, signage, beakers, books and more.

Growing up in the city, Luka is an urban dog at heart but his classic appearance looks fabulous against any backdrop and his coat markings work against and colour palette.  He looks elegant in a rural backdrop which is in keeping with his breed heritage.  The opportunities are endless.

Being a young dog, Sheltie Luka is a playful pup and is still toy focused; if you’re working on product photography for dog toys, there is no cuter dog model to advertise a brand.

Luka also enjoys wearing dog clothing and accessories so can model these products as required.  Likewise, he can support a human model in style or fashion photography (though he may upstage them!)  Able to pose for stills like a pro in the studio or outdoors, we also love to see Luka in motion with his gorgeous golden hair flowing in the breeze.

His excellent obedience training and his exceptional appearance means that Luka is a fabulous photographic subject.

Experience + -

As Luka is so young, he is yet to have professional modelling experience.  However, he is a bright and obedient dog who follows instruction well.  He is currently undergoing further training and increasing his skill set daily.  He’s working on behaviours and tricks that prepare him for film work and studio life.

Follow an actor / actress to seating.






Walk to heel

Wear clothing and accessories

Luka practicing his distance work at an art installationLuka sitting to attention wearing a yellow harnessLuka the Sheltie poses in a seated position outside Wembley Football stadiumLuka the Shetland Sheepdog poses in a standing position outside Wembley Football stadiumLuka practices his dog modelling skills next to a plaque showing his age (when he was 15 weeks old)Luka the Shetland Sheepdog practicing his 'down' positionLuka practices his sit and stay at Wembley, He wears his sporting yellow harnessLuka the Sheltie enjoying some attention