Appearance + -

Breed: Australian Shepherd (Natural Bobtail)

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 29/11/2014


Neck circumference- 41cm

Length (base of neck to tail): 60cm


Loki the Australian Shepherd is a highly experienced dog model and actor.  He has a unique breed mix and therefore a unique appearance.  He was one of only two in the litter, and even his sister, Betty (also on the roster here at The Animal Talent) looks entirely different!


Australian Shepherds are active dogs with stamina and an intelligent mind and Loki is true to this breed standard.  Highly trainable and loyal to his owner-handler, he is a very special, experienced dog actor.  This herding dog simply loves to work and thrives on human contact.  His owner-handler works in TV production and so Loki frequents sets all over the UK.  The duo have great set-etiquette.


Loki has a kind and loving nature to accompany his handsome appearance.  He’s comical in his character, often acting the goat and enjoying playing with humans and other dogs.  He’s a well-socialised, bullet proof dog that is suitable for any line of professional production work.

Suitable acting roles + -

Loki is a highly skilled dog actor with a number of tricks that can be used alongside any script.  He’s capable of working to hand signals only, a skill that’s essential on film sets.  He can also sequence his skills and behaviours enabling him to act in more complex roles.


If you’re working on TV commercials or advertising campaigns, Loki’s one-of-a-kind looks guarantee his suitability for brand partnerships.


This Aussie Shepherd simply loves people and can work with any age actor on set.  He aims to please his handler and loves to learn new skills and sequences for acting work.  Loki enjoys working with other animals, particularly with his housemate, Winnie, also signed to The Animal Talent.


Loki is a bullet-proof dog and is so reliable that he was even used as a pretend patient for students to practice canine first aid on a CPD course.  Happy in almost any setting, Loki loves playing dress up and will comfortable wear clothing and work with props when required.


With a wealth of experience, Loki is happy working with large crews and can cope with the big lights and sounds in the studio environment.  He’s used to set life, waiting in the wings and knowing to relax in his downtime, yet able and ready to travel around the country for his next job; this professional dog is a dream to work with.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Loki the Aussie Shepherd is truly stunning.  His eyes are a window to the soul and they’re particularly striking with a light blue hue set against his merle coat.  Although he’s primarily merle in colouring, he does have a third colour above his left eye; a beautiful shade of red that frames like eyeshadow.  Sporting a natural bobtail (with vet confirmation) he is a truly unique boy.  Only one in five Australian Shepherds have a bobtail and this cute feature adds to his distinctive appearance.


True to his pedigree, Loki is a wonderful advocate for the breed and can be considered for Australian Shepherd merchandising including calendars, beakers, pens and much more.


His expressive face is capable of showing emotion; at rest he often appears to be smiling.  He has a strong, healthy appearance fit for any marketing work and his athletic body looks incredible in action shots.


Due to his strong skill set, he is capable of posing with products and objects, even able to hold with his mouth; perfect for flowers a dog food photoshoots!  Whatever the brand you may be working with, Loki has a safe and non-controversial image.


Despite his mid-length hair, Loki appears clean-cut and beautifully groomed.  He’s got a handsome yet gentle appearance that is suitable for all manner of photographic themes.

Experience + -

Loki is an experienced dog actor with a wealth of skills to accompany his stunning beauty.  He has a lot of experience on set as a back-up dog actor and accompanies his owner-handler who works in TV production on many filming locations.  Loki’s experience extends to the photography studio where he has worked on very many stills shoots and his image helps promote a professional photo studio in the North West of England.


Loki, being skilled in agility and performance is also experienced in events work, attending many shows and galas.  He and his handler are highly professional and a joy to work with on set.




Vets4Pets infomercial – Back up dog

Joanne Photography – stills studio portrait work

TV commercial (under NDA) – featured dog

TV programme (under NDA) – featured dog working with a child actor

Social media campaign (under NDA) – video campaign.  Loki was featured dog using the dog products and eating on set.

Grooming Model – dog model used for student dog grooming practice

Canine First Aid Dog Model – dog model acting as a patient for a canine first aid course; students could practice on Loki.


Chin down


Go to mark


Hold in water

Nose touch



Retrieve in water






Walk backwards

Walk to heel on and off lead

Wear clothing and accessories

Dog model Loki works on a Canine First Aid courseLoki the australian shepherd wearing a nurse costume for workLoki, dog show winner holding rosettes and awardsAustralian Shepherd Loki posing for the cameraLoki performing an agility showcase at a galaLoki Australian Shepherd dog show winnerLoki performing agilityLoki the Australian Shepherd on the beachDog model Loki works on a dog grooming course