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Appearance + -

Breed: West Highland Terrier

Sex: Female

Date of Birth: 30/05/2014


Neck circumference: 32 cm

Length (base of neck to tail): 35 cm

Height (floor to shoulder): 26 cm

Floor to top of head: 37 cm

Chest circumference: 50 cm

Weight: 8kg

Lily the West Highland Terrier is ta fine representative of the breed.  This historic breed is thought to have been in existence since the 1500s and it is one of the most popular terrier dogs, with good reason.  Lily has a kind natured personality and loves her family.  Her quirky personality is adorable; Lily loves to watch TV with her humans, especially if there are programmes with animals on screen!

The Westie is considered to be a loyal companion and Lily is no exception.  Known for their independence, Lily is also self-assured, and self-confident.  She loves to train and loves to explore, so is happy in new locations having lots of adventures. 

Suitable acting roles + -

Lily is very friendly with people and gets on well with other dogs.  A regular attendee at doggy events, she’s come into contact with other animals as well, including rabbits and ferrets!  Always friendly, Lily will cope well meeting actors and actresses she is required to work alongside.

This comical dog sometimes has a stubborn streak, which is a terrier trait, however you cannot help but be besotted by her charm and personality.  She is easily won around by a treat as she is food motivated, which really helps with her training.   

Westies are considered family dogs, so Lily will suit filming themes surrounding home, lifestyle and companionship.  Due to the breed’s historic, Scottish background, Lily also looks grand in the big outdoors, particularly against a wild, heather backdrop.  However, don’t rule out urban scenes for this Westie if you’re working on location.  She’s incredibly versatile.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Lily the Westie is used to being snapped as her human is an amateur photographer.  For this, she has had to perfect her doggy posing (sit and stay, down and stay).  Lily has also become adept at wearing costumes, and is even happy to wear headwear, which not many dogs like.

Being perfectly white, Lily can make any colour palette work.  This is a particularly useful feature when Lily is required to pose with brands and products that encompass many colours.  It is also brilliant for dog clothing which comes in many colours.

Always perfectly groomed and well turned out, she’s a lovely dog that has a decent skills list.  Lovely Lily is adorable in looks and temperament.  Westies are naturally photogenic, yet Lily has that extra special sparkle.

Experience + -

With a few thousand followers, Lily is a micro influencer on Instagram, Lily is a brand ambassador for Roo Roo Pet, Pooch & Mutt, Fluffy Couture and is the face of Fur and Fantasy.  She has also featured in several pet photography sessions, though hasn’t yet worked in a professional capacity.  Her skills list and excellent temperament make Lily a joy to work with.


Pooch & Mutt – social media brand ambassador

Roo Roo Pet – social media brand ambassador

Fluffy Couture – social media brand ambassador

Fur and Fantasy – face of the brand

High Five
Wear clothing and accessories
Wear hats

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