Appearance + -

Breed: German Shepherd x Labrador

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 09/03/2019


Neck circumference: 39cm

Length (base of neck to tail): 63cm

Height (floor to shoulder): 61cm

Floor to top of head: 76cm

Chest circumference: 66cm

Weight: 25kg

Lenny is a stunning German Shepherd cross Labrador with an exceptional level of obedience.  Lenny also has been working as a trick dog all of his life and has been trained by a professional trick trainer and behaviourist.  He has been through all of the acting and trick certification levels and is fully qualified (along with his handler) with IMDT and Do More With Your Dog.

Lenny has a striking appearance with silky black fur all over apart from a patch of white on his chest.  He has the pointy ears of his shepherd breeding, though they flop downwards like the Labrador section of his breeding.  His deep amber eyes are soulful and full of pride, knowing he always does his best for his handler.

Being an even mix of both breeds, Lenny is curious and outgoing, intelligent and incredibly loyal.  He’s also very gentle, just like many Labradors.  His breeding certainly accounts for his lovely temperament and exceptional skill level.  This is a dog that was made to work; he absolutely loves having a job to do and thus he makes an exceptional dog model.

Experienced in both stills photography and video, Lenny is a dead cert in the studio with his skill level and wonderful temperament.

Suitable acting roles + -

Trained trick dog, Lenny, is a highly talented dog that is accompanied by a fully qualified dog trick trainer.  We have yet to find a trick Lenny cannot achieve and he loves to learn new things all the time, always aiming to please his handler.  Whether you’re working on a short brief or a more complex script, Lenny is the perfect dog.  He’s able to sequence tricks, perform to silent hand cues and learn bespoke actions as required.

Lenny lives in a multi-dog household and has been used as a demo dog by his owner-handler (a professional dog trainer) to demonstrate skills, tricks and behaviours in class.  He is dog friendly and can work with other dog actors as required for the project.  He’s also very human friendly and can work with any age of cast member.

Having worked in a variety of locations, Lenny is well used to the cameras, large crews, lighting and sound equipment used on set.  He can complete any action required in any environment.  His high obedience level means that he can hold items and props in his mouth and carry them, play dead, appear sleeping and much more, all useful skills to have for filming.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Lenny is a proud looking mixed breed that oozes confidence.  Although he is primarily black, any professional photographer can capture an excellent shot with Lenny; lighting and editing can capture this dog’s class and style.  Because of his monochrome colouring, Lenny can work with any colour backdrop and can also wear clothing and accessories that are patterned or have bold colouring.

Lenny is a good looking boy and highly obedient.  He’s more than happy to hold a pose for as long as required and can achieve any position you require.  He’s also suitable for working with props and can hold products in his mouth or on his back; this is perfect for product branding shoots where the product may need to be displayed in a variety of ways.

Because of his mixed breeding, you’ll never see another dog that looks quite like Lenny; he’s truly a unique looking dog andthis opens him up for memorable advertising partnerships.  This sociable boy is happy to work with human models for stills photography as well as other dog models, though we think you’ll find Lenny will always be the dog that captures attention!

Experience + -

Lenny is an experienced and accomplished dog actor and model.  He has completed several stills photography shoots and has also filmed for a high budget music video.  On top of this, he has worked as a demonstration dog for his owner-handler who leads dog trick training classes.  Both dog and handler are experienced and professional having worked in the industry for many years.

To hire Lenny for your next film or TV production, contact our friendly team today.


The Faim – Music video filming

IMDT – Training demonstration

Do More With Your Dog – Expert trick dog

Pet Photography – Stills photography session



Follow eyeline / look to point


Jump up / on / over


Open door

Play piano

Pull socks off

Ring Bell


Say prayers


Sit pretty




Tidy toys away

Touch nose to hand

Walk to mark


Wear clothing and accessories

Wear glasses

Lenny the black German Shepherd x Labrador poses for a halloween photoshoot. He is holding a prop severed foot in his mouthblack German Shepherd x Labrador, Lenny, poses on top of a fallen tree in some woodlandHeadshot of Lenny sticking his tongue outblack German Shepherd x Labrador, Lenny, standing at the side of a football pitchLenny, a black mixed breed dog, sits in a countryside scene in front of a house. He wears a purple collar and sticks his tongue out. His ears point downwardsLenny sits in a circle with some of his dog friends at the beachLenny the black German Shepherd x Labrador stands on a fallen tree with some friends in some woodlandblack German Shepherd x Labrador, Lenny, poses with his family on a bench