Appearance + -

Breed: Doberman

Sex: Female

Khaleesi is one of the finest looking and most impressive Dobermans we’ve ever seen.  She is a regal and talented dog with incredible ability and a highly experienced, professional handler.  The duo are unstoppable.

The powerful and energetic Khaleesi is a fine example of her breeding.  With her sleek coat, athletic build, and regal appearance, Khaleesi embodies the true aristocracy of her namesake from Game of Thrones.

Khaleesi and her handler practice mondioring; a clear signal that handler and dog have an exceptional understanding of each other.  Mondioring is a complex sport that aims to show the skill of the handler, the training of the dog, the dog’s intelligence and the natural abilities the dog possesses.  The skills included are facing attack (with accessories or weapons), fleeing attack (with a stop), defending the handler and guarding objects.

Khaleesi is also trained in bite work (protection training) and the skill of this is founded in the dog’s ability to deal with stress and work with controlled impulses.  What’s most impressive about this is that Khaleesi has achieved all of these skills with positive training; one of our core ethics at The Animal Talent.

Dobermans have featured in popular media as stereotypical guard dogs for decades.  It’s no wonder; the breed was originally developed around 1890 by Louis Dobermann, a tax collector from Germany, and was developed as a highly energetic and smart guard dog.  Dobermans have since gone on to be known for their high performances in police and military work, canine sports, and as family guardians and companions.

This confident girl is exceptionally well trained; participates in dog sports and activities that strengthen her health and mental well-being.  It is brilliant for us because it means she is capable for a wide variety of film roles that portray the wonderful values of this fabulous dog breed.  Everyone in the world needs to know a dog like Khaleesi!

Suitable acting roles + -

With mondioring, bite work, agility and tricks in her training repertoire, it’s easy to see why Khaleesi is an in-demand dog.  There isn’t anything she can’t turn her hand to.  She is experienced in the modelling and acting world having worked for some big named brands in commercial photography and TV.  On top of this, she is has done a lot of exhibition and event work, demonstrating her abilities in front of live audiences.

This is a confident working dog that is accompanied by an experienced, professional handler.  Whatever the role, Khaleesi is capable of it.  She is a trained stunt dog that can fulfil bite work on command in the studio or on location.

Aside for the steroptypical Doberman guard dog roles in TV and film, Khaleesi is available for physically less demanding roles too.  She’s a lovely girl with a reliable and calm nature; therefore, she is suitable for working with children and other dogs that may form part of the cast of your production.

With a whole host of tricks in her armoury, Khaleesi can easily work on a variety of scripts with sequenced actions and more complex, lengthy film roles.  She can work at a large distance, enabling camera crew to get those wide shots as well.

This talented dog really has it all; an exceptional physique, a beautiful face, a superb temperament and a professional, fully licensed handler in tow!

Suitable modelling roles + -

Stunning Khaleesi is a super ambassador for her Doberman breeding.  Her sleek coat lays atop a muscular body and is adorned by a beautifully emotive face.

We’re super pleased that Khaleesi, this fine example of her heritage, has her ears and tail fully intact;  proving that a truly capable dog and a knowledgeable handler will always do what is best for the breed.  It’s time that cropping and docking was kicked in to touch and Khaleesi proves that you don’t need to have been mutilated to be strong and powerful.

Because of her active lifestyle and exceptional training, if you’re looking for action shots, imagery portraying controlled aggression or high impact sporting behaviours, Khaleesi is your girl.  You can shoot this in an urban setting or rural environments; this lady looks fabulous everywhere.

Able to work easily with models of all ages for fashion and style photography.  Khaleesi can also work with props as required.  Her trick training can be used to great effect if you’re working on commercial photography of products because she’s able to hold and carry objects of all shapes and sizes.

Khaleesi is quite simply beautiful, capable and above all, highly impressive.  She is a fabulous dog model for any theme or setting.

Experience + -

Khaleesi is a highly skilled dog with an unrivalled skills list.  She is an experienced dog model and has worked for some very big names (under confidentiality so cannot be listed here).  She is also highly experienced in event work and regularly exhibits her protection / bite skills.  Her experienced trainer – handler works worldwide and is a true professional.  It’s no wonder that Khaleesi is such an excellent specimen.

She is a fabulous canine companion and works well with others.  This handsome dog has a beautiful temperament and she’s a fun dog to work with.


Balance on object

Bite work




Dance/Canine freestyle



Eat/drink in new environment

Emergency stop


Give paw

Go around object/person

Go away

Go to mark

Happy to be handled

Head down

Head on object


High five

Hold item

Jump up/on/over an object


Look to point


Open/close door

Paws up on object


Play dead

Protection trained

Pull off socks

Retrieve an item

Scent work

Attack on command

Bite on command

Sleeve work



Sit pretty



Stand on hind legs


Stunt dog


Touch item

Touch with nose

Walk backwards

Walk to heel

Wear glasses

Wear pet clothing + accessories


Khaleesi the Doberman posing in a Rudolph hat in front of the Christmas tree.Khaleesi on a Halloween spooky photoshootKhaleesi the Doberman holds a long stem red rose in her mouth and poses for the camera in front of a black backgroundKhaleesi the Doberman exercises on the beach with a flirt poleKhaleesi in a pounce pose showcasing her fantastic Doberman physiqueKhaleesi in a crouching position showing off her incredible Doberman physique from a side profileKhaleesi stands in the valley of two mountains. She has a proud stance and looks very impressiveHeadshot of Khaleesi the Doberman with mountains in the backgroundSide profile headshot of Khaleesi the DobermanKhaleesi poses in a sitting position in among the sand dunesKhaleesi practices her 'paws up' against some railings, admiring the viewKhaleesi and handler in a training session