Appearance + -

Breed: Rottweiler


Sex: Male


Date of Birth: 01/01/2018



Neck circumference: 57.5cm

Length (base of neck to tail): 70cm

Height (floor to shoulder): 59cm

Chest circumference: 94cm


Weight: 46kg

Kai the rottweiler is a very handsome, stocky boy with the classic rottie markings and a gentle smile to boot.  Don’t be fooled by his goofy grin, however, he can command awe with his presence and turn on the ferociousness when required, in typical rottweiler fashion.

With a sweet and gentle nature, he has a calm and collected temperament typical of his rottweiler breeding, and is courageous when required.  Kai epitomises what is well known and loved about rotties; he has a fine character that has a ferocious appearance.

Kai is a much loved family dog and has an experienced owner-handler.  He loves to learn and is always excited to learn his new training commands.  His obedience training provides him with the mental stimulation required of the breed and provides excellent enrichment.  He’s a well socialised dog that gets on with others and is calm in any environment.

A handsome young man, Kai will be an asset to your media production.

Suitable acting roles + -

Rottweiler Kai is a polite and friendly dog that does well with other dogs, but is particularly great around humans.  He will easily work with strangers and is capable of working with models or actors on a film set or TV studio.

If you’re looking to portray the fun, goofy side of the dog, Kai the rottie will happily oblige; he’s a fun loving dog that enjoys a ball or his toys.  If you’re looking to portray a rottweiler with a strong, sturdy appearance, Kai is also capable of commanding a presence.

Working well off lead, Kai has the classic rottweiler trot when he walks, excellent recall and is very obedient.  Due to this, he is reliable for location work and can work off lead when required outdoors.  His lead work is also exceptional and he will happily trot alongside an actor or actress, taking commands from people new to him, as well as his handler.

Because Kai is so handsome, he is suitable for a wide variety of roles.  His appearance lends itself to style and glamour, the obvious (often stereotyped) guard dog roles featured in much media (which is interesting since they were originally bred for herding) and companionship roles where he may work closely with an actor and the bond is dramatised; rottweilers are well known for their loyalty and close relationships with their owners.  Exploring this relationship in film and TV will certainly be a fine thing to witness.

Having excellent obedience skills, he is suitable for many of the action requirements for TV roles.  Unfazed by the studio, Kai copes well with busy and noisy environments, lighting and flash photography.

With his awe inspiring appearance, gorgeous temperament and solid skills list, Kai is a well-trained dog a pleasure to work with.  If you’re looking for a beefy dog that commands a presence, Kai the rottweiler is the best boy for your production.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Kai is a handsome and well-built rottweiler with gorgeous amber eyes that peer into your soul.   His black and tan markings are perfectly proportioned with the rust colour framing his facial features perfectly.

This obedient dog poses easily and it’s easy to capture his emotion with his expressive face.  Photographers will enjoy working with his coat colour (even though predominantly black) because it gleams; a good photographer and professional lighting won’t find his darker colours an issue.

The classic and striking appearance of a rottweiler invokes certain emotions and the stereotypical of characteristics (whether correct or incorrect) are easily interpreted through the breed imagery.  Kai, being a large male rottweiler easily embodies these features.

Kai’s obedience and skill level ensures that he’s an easy dog to have in the studio.  He’s versatile and can work with a number of props and pose in a variety of positions.  Being food motivated he easily follows professional instruction.

Kai’s stylish appearance is poised, dignified and ferocious, yet he can turn on his silly side when he is having fun.  He’s a dog that oozes presence and is a joy to photograph.

Experience + -

Kai and his handler are both experienced; his owner-handler works in the film industry and so Kai has experienced set life for many years.  This has equipped him for work on larger productions within studios or on location.  Kai is a fine dog to work with.


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