Appearance + -

Breed: Japanese Spitz

Sex: Female (entire)

Date of Birth: 11/06/2020


Neck circumference: 32cm

Length (base of neck to tail): 34cm

Height (floor to shoulder): 30cm

Height (floor to top of head) 39cm

Chest circumference: 57cm

Weight: 6.5kg

Isla, is a young Japanese Spitz that loves among a pack of six other dogs in a lovely family home.  A fine example of her breed, this championship show dog is absolutely adorable and is known for her beaming doggy smile.

The Japanese Spitz is similar in appearance to the Pomeranian, Samoyed and American Eskimo Dog, and is thought to originate in Japan in the early 20th Century.  They are in the Utility Breed group; dogs that have a “fitness for a purpose” and so in the show ring, there are a lot of breeds to compete against.  However, Isla takes this all in her stride and has proved this by prized history in the ring.

Isla’s family adore her energy and enthusiasm that she exhibits when she jumps in the muddiest of puddles and destroys her toys; but don’t let her playfulness fool you!  Isla is a complete professional when working.  Her obedience qualifications and show history prove how capable she is.

A real cutie, Isla’s family nickname her “Isla Smiler” because she’s constantly got a massive grin on her face, often seen with her tongue out.

Suitable acting roles + -

This adorable Japanese Spitz, Isla, looks just like a snowy white fox and has the sweet appeal of a teddy bear.  She will suit film roles that require the cute factor; Isla has cheeky charm and exhibits elegance with a wink in her eye and a grin on her face. 

Being great with adults and children alike, Isla is suitable for filming family based scenes where young actors may be involved.  She’s an obedient dog that is incredibly professional, yet she equally likes to play.  Scenes shot in a home type setting will suit Isla down to the ground.

Isla has a good level of certified obedience training and has added to this by her successful career to date in the UK championship dog shows, even at her young age.  This stands her in good stead for working on set since she is a seasoned traveller, and can perform in busy, noisy areas.  Due to her extensive event experience she is used to being handled by people she doesn’t know.   

The Japanese Spitz breed are brilliant for film work since they are an intelligent breed that is easy to train.  Isla is no exception and simply shines when she is the centre of attention.    Her enthusiasm and joy makes her a lovely, fun dog to work with

Suitable modelling roles + -

True to her breeding, Isla is perfectly white all over and has an adorable teddy bear face.  Her dark eyes and black button nose just make you want to cuddle her; she’s absolutely gorgeous in every way.

Perfectly fluffy like all Japanese Spitz, fortunately Isla doesn’t mind getting mucky and loves being outdoors, so if you’re working on location, you’ll get some great muddy woodland shots with her.  

Appropriately for the breed standard, she has a long, fluffy tail that is characteristically carried curled over the top of her back.  Coupled with her beaming smile and her lovely head tilt, she pulls off the perfect pose in all stills photography.  Since Isla is still young and active, full of exuberance, action shots are also easy to capture.

Isla can work with other animals providing careful introductions have been made, though she prefers to work with members of her own family.  Isla and her highly experienced handler are a real joy to work with in the studio.

Experience + -

Isla has an impressive skills repertoire for her breed and has a whole host of experience in event work.  Her charm and good looks make Isla a most excellent dog model.


Kennel Club Good Citizen – Bronze Award

British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers – Bronze Award

#2 Top Japanese Spitz Bitch UK 2021

Bitch Challenge Certificate & Reserve Best In Show 2021 Northern Japanese Spitz Club
Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate 2021 – Ladies Kennel Association
Reserve Best Bitch 2021 Driffield Championship Show
Reserve Best Bitch & Bitch Junior 2021 Blackpool Championship Dog Show
Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate 2021 –
Leeds Championship Dog Show

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