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Appearance + -

Breed: Russian Borzoi
Sex: Female

Length (leg to elbow): 37cm
Length (base of neck to tail): 74cm
Height (floor to top of head): 91cm
Height to withers: 74cm
Chest depth: 41cm
Chest circumference: 76cm

Indie the Russian Borzoi is a stunningly beautiful dog with an elegant and regal appearance. With long, silky fur that flows like a wave in the wind and a slender, graceful build, Indie is a true sight to behold.  Her deep, soulful eyes and gentle expression only add to his undeniable charm, making her
both cute and attractive to anyone who lays eyes on her.

Indie is a beautiful and elegant dog coming from a breeding line with a rich history.  The Russian Borzoi breed is believed to have originated in Russia during the 17th century and was bred for hunting wolves and other large game.

The Russian Borzoi, also known as the Russian Wolfhound, has appeared in various popular culture references such as movies, TV shows, and books. One notable appearance is in the movie “Daniel and the Superdogs,” and surprisingly, “102 Dalmatians.”

Indie, could be a great addition to a film for several reasons. Firstly, the breed’s unique appearance, with their elegant builds and long, silky coats, could make them stand out on screen and create a memorable visual impact. Secondly, Borzois are intelligent dogs that can be trained to perform
specific tasks, which could be beneficial for a particular role. Additionally, their calm and gentle temperament could make them easier to work with on set, and their loyalty and affection towards their owners could translate well on screen.

Suitable acting roles + -

Indie, the Russian Borzoi, is an elegant and regal dog that can easily be cast in various acting roles.

With her graceful movements, sleek coat, and striking appearance, Indie would be an excellent choice for historical dramas or period pieces. Originally bred for hunting, the Russian Borzoi has a strong prey drive, making Indie a great fit for action or adventure films.

In addition to its physical attributes, the Borzoi is known for its gentle and affectionate temperament, making it a perfect candidate for heart-warming family films or romantic comedies.

Indie’s calm and composed demeanour would also make it a great fit for serious dramatic roles as it can convey a sense of gravitas and wisdom.

Overall, with her impressive looks and gentle nature, Indie the Russian Borzoi is a versatile and capable dog that would make an excellent addition to any film or TV production. Whether in a starring role or a supporting character, Indie is sure to leave a lasting impression on audiences and filmmakers alike.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Indie the Russian Borzoi, is a stunningly beautiful dog that would be a perfect fit for a wide range of modelling roles. Her elegant and graceful appearance, coupled with a gentle nature, make her an ideal choice for high-end fashion shoots or advertisements for luxury brands.

Indie’s long and flowing coat could be showcased in hair or beauty campaigns, while its regal bearing would add an air of sophistication to any shoot.

Indie’s striking looks and calm demeanour would also make her a great choice for pet and lifestyle campaigns. Whether posing with a family or lounging in a stylish home setting, Indie would bring an air of elegance and refinement to any shoot.

In addition, the Russian Borzoi’s history as a hunting dog could be incorporated into modelling roles, such as outdoor adventure or sporting campaigns. Indie’s agility and athleticism could be showcased in action shots or outdoor settings, making it a versatile and dynamic model.

Overall, Indie the Russian Borzoi has all the attributes necessary to be a successful and sought-after model.

Her stunning looks, gentle nature, and versatility make her a perfect fit for a wide range of modelling roles, and her unique background and personality would add depth and character to any campaign.

Experience + -

Indie is a master of obedience.  She is a quick learner and loves to please her handler. With her sharp mind and eager-to-please attitude, she will follow your every command without hesitation.

From sitting still for a long shoot, to running across the set on cue in any direction, Indie is the ultimate professional.  She has eaten on set, worked with male and female actors of all ages and acted among huge crowd scenes.

So, if you want your photography studio or film set work to be a success, look no further than Indie the Russian Borzoi. She’s got the skills, the looks, and the charm to steal the show!


TV Show (under NDA) – multiple action scenes that.  Indie had preparation training for the skills requirements and completed actions with aplomb.

Crufts – Ringcraft at the world’s largest dog show


Eat on set

Follow the eyeline / look to point






Wear clothing & accessories

Indie, Russian borzoi, performing ringcraft live at a dog show with her handler Indie, the Russian Borzoi dog model, performs ringcraft with her handler at Crufts Side profile of Indie, the Russian Borzoi in the ring at a show Indie, the Russian borzoi and dog model being judged in the ring at Crufts. Russian borzoi, Indie stands to attention in the showring. Her long pointy face faces the camera Indie poses on a ringcraft podium with her handler in front of some Christmas trees Indie performing ringcraft. Her legs are moving gracefully and she holds herself with poise Indie shows in the ring with her handler. She holds a perfect stance Indie runs during ringcraft with her handler