Appearance + -

Breed: Japanese Spitz

Sex: Male 

Date of Birth: 21/10/2015


Neck circumference: 34cm

Length (base of neck to tail): 43cm

Height (floor to shoulder): 40cm

Height (floor to top of head) 50cm

Chest circumference: 50cm

Weight: 10kg

Hugo the Japanese Spitz is larger than life!  He has a large and beautiful boop-able nose, large ears and an even larger grin!  He is a big loving boy who loves nothing more than hours of cuddles and kisses.  He is a real softy and adores his humans.

Hugo is a typical Spitz through and through and lets everyone know when he has arrived.  He’s a real show dog, in character and in his work.  He is retired from the show ring, but makes an excellent dog model.

The breed, not often seen in the dog acting world, is similar in appearance to the smaller Pomeranian and larger Samoyed breed.  The Japanese Spitz is its own breed and is thought to originate in Japan in the early 20th Century.  Their unique all-white fluffy appearance is simply stunning and Hugo knows how to show his off!

Suitable acting roles + -

Hugo the Japanese Spitz is a former show ring champion and is adept at agility.  He has also received certification in obedience training and has a wide range of talents that lend him nicely to the film world.  

Having achieved numerous first prizes and countless class placings at events, his experience has led him to travel nationwide and perform in front of hundreds of people.  He has no issue with loud and busy environments which is a real asset when working on large sets.  He is capable of working in a studio as well as out on exterior locations.

Hugo’s nick name is ‘Gooey Wooey’ because he’s a big softy.  As mentioned, he loves cuddles and kisses and is a great dog with all types of people!  Working with actors on set is not problem for Hugo and he’s particularly great around kids.  

Hugo can work with other dogs, but is much better suited to working with animals from his own household.  True to his breed, he can be vocal, but always settles within a few minutes.  However, use this to your advantage if you need a barking dog and you won’t be disappointed!

Hugo has achieved a bronze obedience award with the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers.  He is an active dog that loves to have a job to do.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Slightly larger than average size for a Japanese Spitz, yet still a small breed dog, Hugo also has a large personality and it’s easy to capture emotion from him.  

He’s the tongue-out type of dog that looks like he’s constantly smiling and this lends itself well to photography projects that require an appearance of fun and happiness.

Hugo looks great in a countryside environment but is equally at home in the studio.  He’s well equipped for product placement work for commercial photography and can pose alongside products when required.  As he’s so great with people, he can also be shot alongside human models with ease.

This classy but cute Japanese Spitz is perfectly white and therefore can work with any colour palette and theme.

Experience + -

Although Hugo has a large amount of events experience, he is yet to work on professional photoshoots within a studio or on set.  However, due to his obedience levels and show ring work, we know he has the ability to perform when required.  His looks alone make him a wonderful candidate for dog modelling work.


British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers – Bronze Award

Crufts – Third Post Graduate Dog 2018

Best Puppy in Breed – Open show

Best of Breed – Open Show

Reserve Best Of Breed – Open show