Appearance + -

Breed: Great Dane

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 18/09/19


Neck circumference: 53cm
Length (base of neck to tail): 86cm
Height (floor to shoulder): 89cm
Floor to top of head: 109cm
Chest circumference: 96.5cm

Weight: 60kg

Hugo the Great Dane with a harlequin coat, is exceptionally well trained with an impressive list of skills.

For those uninitiated, harlequin is a pattern of irregular dark patches on a white base colour and it’s a very well-known coat for the breed.  Hugo’s large and imposing appearance belies his friendly nature.  True to his breed, he loved physical affection from people and he’s a proud gentle giant.

This is a breed that is devoted, friendly (though sometimes reserved), confident and loving.  Great Danes are generally well disposed toward other dogs and Hugo is no exception.  He loves to bumble about with his canine friends.

Despite what the name implies, the Dane is German in origin, not Danish.  The breed is thought to have been around for more than 400 years.  The descend from mastiff-like dogs (mollosser types) and is sometimes termed ‘German Mastiff’.  They were bred by German nobility to protect country estates and hunt wild boar.

It’s a noble breed that is known globally for its size and nature and this notoriety was furthered by the success of the Scooby Doo franchise in the 1960s.  The breed has featured in many animations and films over the years including Marmaduke, Beaches and Dr Doolittle.  The breed has featured in many a comedy sketch in TV over the years; famously Only Fools and Horses had an episode where Delboy looked after Boycie’s Danes.

Celebrity owners of Danes include Kendall Jenner, Jim Carrey and Shakira, but we think Hugo and his human will be the most famous of them all!  Hugo is a fine young man and will make an excellent dog model.

We know you’ll be impressed by Hugo’s talents.  Check out his impressive showreel for more.

Suitable acting roles + -

Hugo has an impressive stature and while he is a gentle giant, he has the ability to command a scene.  He has a real presence about him, particularly with his dark eyes and knowing gaze, which could be considered intimidating if you didn’t know what a good boy he is.  For this reason, we can see him working as a guard dog in a music video, accompanying a Lord or Lady in a period drama or stalking around city streets.  However, scratch beneath the surface and you’ll see that when he’s at play, Hugo can look really goofy with his hilarious facial expressions and his ability to throw his limbs in every direction!  When he’s rolling on his back with his jowls losing way to gravity, he’ll really make you laugh!  This is a dog that has the confidence to portray all sides of his personality.

Hugo has a lovely temperament and follows cues from his handler easily.  He has all the characteristics for events work and will cope well in big crowds or in front of live audiences.  He isn’t fazed by loud noises, busy environments or heavy lighting and for this reason, he can work in a variety of settings.

With good general obedience, Hugo has a few tricks and skills up his sleeve that are suitable for film and TV work.  He is a model professional and will steal the hearts of everyone he meets.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Hugo is a handsome harlequin Great Dane with a beautiful pattern; he’s particularly striking because he has one all-black leg, whereas he’s mottled everywhere else on his body.  His amber eyes are framed by black patches and he has a solid white chest; he’s simply stunning and makes a fabulous photography subject.

Unusual for Danes, Hugo loves to wear clothes, but obviously you’ll need to find a brand that caters for the size of the breed (we’re talking XXXL here!)  He’s happy to wear items on his head and will also happily model dog leads, harnesses and other accessories as required.

Hugo can model alongside other dogs if required; a nice juxtaposition may be to place him next to a small breed for comic effect, for example.  He’s a sociable boy and can work with human models as well.  We often see Great Danes alongside fashion models and in style photography, and Hugo is well equipped for this type of shoot.

Happy to work in any environment, he’s a lover of the countryside, but he is also happy to work in an urban environment for a more gritty shot.  His size and dark eyes will lend dramatic effect to that type of theme.

With a solid ‘stand and stay’ and a strong ‘sit and stay’ Hugo will pose all day long.  However, if you’re looking for an action shot, capturing him in motion he looks quite majestic as he runs.  That being said, check out his goofy facial expressions when he plays; they’re incredibly sweet and funny.

Any photographer will love to work with Hugo; he has a unique appearance and a lovely temperament.

Experience + -

Hugo is a confident Great Dane that has the ability to work in a variety of environments and handle pressurised situations.  Although he is yet to have professional studio experience, being a micro influencer on Instagram, he is very well used to modelling for photography.  As a content creator, he has experience of working with a variety of brands running promotions and adverts via his account.  Hugo has strong general obedience and a solid temperament, well suited to this line of work.


Biggie Paws – Brand ambassador / content creator

Twiggytags – Brand ambassador / content creator








Head down





Look at me


Paws on

Paws up






Sit pretty





Tell a secret




Wear clothing and accessories

Wear glasses

Wear hats

Hugo the harlequin Great Dane sits and poses holding a teddy bear in his mouthHeadshot of Hugo the Great Dane wears a red and black chequered bandanaClose up of the mouth of a harlequin Great DaneHugo practices holding his lead in his mouth in a sit and stay position. It is a yellow and black leadHeadshot of Hugo displaying his mouth hold trickProfile full body shot of Hugo standing in a garden. He is a harlequin Great Dane and one of his front legs is fully blackHugo the Great Dane practices balancing a toy on his elongated mouthHugo the Great Dane looks intently at something on the floorHugo a harlequin Great Dane looks at plants in the gardenA harlequin Great Dane stands next to a river. He shows his side profile as he looks into the distanceHugo the Great Dane poses among pumpkinsHugo, the harlequin Great Dane sits in a field wearing a green dog jumperHugo the Great Dane models a patterned harness Great Dane Hugo shows off his sheer sizeA beautiful head short of a harlequin Great DaneGreat Dane, Hugo, sits in the garden looking at the skyHead shot of a harlequin (black and white) Great DaneHugo the Great Dane is pictured running in a fieldHugo sits in a garden; he sticks his tongue out and he looks relaxed and happyA harlequin Great Dane sits next to a mixed breed dog that is red and white and much shorter!Hugo tucks into a doggy Birthday cake. A happy Birthday garland hangs on the wall in the backgroundGreat Dane, Hugo, tucks into a doggy Birthday cake. A happy Birthday garland hangs on the wall in the backgroundHugo the Great Dane is pictured in an advert for dog clothing brand Twiggy Tags