Appearance + -

Breed: German Shepherd

Sex: Female

Date of Birth: 14/03/2021

Gracie the German Shepherd is a talented black sable beauty with a medium stock coat.  She has a beautiful face and larger than life ears!  Gracie is a fabulous girl with strong obedience skills and high intelligence.  She’s a fine example of her breed and is true to the well known characteristics loved of GSDs; active, smart and loyal.

Originally bred for herding, the German Shepherd is also known for its guarding abilities and the breed is famous for its working background in police forces, the military, as a guide dog and also its work in search and rescue.  Popular the world over, according to the American Kennel Club, in 2022, German Shepherds were the third most popular breed out of the 193 registered.  In the UK, according to WufMag, they are the fifth most popular breed.  They have a truly evergreen popularity; no wonder they are so popular in TV and film.

Gracie is a confident girl once she gets to know you, a typical characteristic of the breed, and once she approves, she will be a friend for life.  She craves attention from her handler and is very obedient; she has excellent impulse control and can even leave food if told not to touch it.  She also excels at scent work and has an excellent nose.  She’s a fan of brain games and loves to spend her spare time on doggy puzzles.  She loves to learn and train for new roles, so let us know your brief and we can get Gracie ready for the task.

Suitable acting roles + -

Graceful Gracie is a gorgeous girl; she has an impressive structure and is a strong looking German Shepherd.  Gracie is at her happiest when training so can work towards bespoke skills required for the script at hand.

This breed is regularly featured in movies (such as I Am Legend, A Dog’s Purpose, K-9 and more) and their character is often assisting the military, the police, performing as guard dogs, but more often than not, a German Shepherd is used to portray loyalty.  This is something that Gracie possesses in abundance.  It’s clear to see the love in her eyes.

She is great around people and other dogs as she has had extensive socialisation training, particularly on her regular pack walks.  This opens her up for acting roles where other dogs are in the scene.  She can readily work alongside human actors of any age and works well with children.

Capable of working in any filming environment, Gracie is most at home in the outdoors where she looks truly majestic.  If you’re working on location, she is the German Shepherd for you.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Gracie has a black sable coat with a darker saddle and face and lighter underbody.  She has the classic German Shepherd appearance that is famous the world over.  A fine example of her breed, her image will be suitable for branded merchandise including car stickers, beakers, door signs, calendars and more.

She has eyes to die for and ears that go for days! When happy and playful, she carries the goofy German Shephard facial expression we all know and love and this is a joy to capture on camera.

This active dog loves the outdoors and can be shot galivanting in woodland and grassy areas, in lakes and the sea, where her shy coat will shine.  Equally as happy in an urban environment, despite being a lady, she looks quite ferocious in this setting.  The variety of themed shots you can capture with Gracie is astounding.

Gracie is happy to model dog clothing and accessories such as leads, harnesses, bandanas and more; if the brand carries large dog apparel, Gracie is your girl.  She’s stylish and elegant.

Experience + -

Gracie has an experienced trainer, and while she is yet to have professional experience, we know she can rise to the challenge.  She has excellent obedience and is a thinking dog that loves to follow instruction.  She is a pleasure to handle and will handle studio life with ease.






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Gracie the German Shepherd walking across a bridge and looking into the distanceHead shot of Gracie the German ShepherdGracie in a sit and stay pose in a grassy fieldGracie paddling in sea waterGracie socialising with a mixed dog packGracie practicing agilityGracie in the garden watering the plants with a watering canGracie runs through the woodland at high speed. She looks incredibly athleticGracie wears a Christmas bandanaGracie practicing her sit and stay in the sleigh in a shopping mallGracie the German Shepherd models in a shop windowGracie poses on a sleigh in a shopping centreGracie on a shoreside. It is a headshot of the German Shepherd and she looks straight into the cameraGerman Shepherd Gracie sits and waits obediently next to food and drink in a cafeGracie following instructions and working on her socialisation in a cafeGracie posing for the camera with a smaller dog (Boston Terrier) to one sideGracie practicing socialisation in a cafe. She sits obediently around food and drinkGracie the German Shepherd paddles in some muddy waterGerman Shepherd, Gracie, sits in a woodland, posing for the cameraGracies the GSD sitting in the woodland posing for a headshot with her really long tongue sticking outA headshot of Gracie the German Shepherd, tongue sticking out and head tilted to one side