Appearance + -

Breed: Japanese Spitz

Sex: Female (entire)

Date of Birth: 27/02/2017


Neck circumference: 33cm

Length (base of neck to tail): 40cm

Height (floor to shoulder): 32cm

Height (floor to top of head) 42cm

Chest circumference: 48cm

Weight: 8kg

Esme the Japanese Spitz is a decorated show champion and a beautiful girl in both looks and nature.  She has a very calm temperament and is just gorgeous in every way.

Esme is very much loved in her household which she shares with six other dogs and a hedgehog!  She is one of the three generations of dogs in the home and has had three litters of puppies herself as a proven breeder.

Proving a real super star in the show ring, Esme has also had obedience training and has been awarded the Bronze Kennel Club Good Citizen Award.  

With her small wolf-like appearance, she is an exceptionally good looking girl and a fine example of her breed.  Similar in appearance to the smaller Pomeranian and larger Samoyed breed, the Japanese Spitz is thought to originate in Japan in the early 20th Century.  They’re a wonderful family dog and Esme is no exception.

Suitable acting roles + -

Esme is at the start of her dog modelling career and is keen to learn new skills, although she already has solid obedience training.  This coupled with her ability in the show ring prove that Esme is an excellent candidate for the film world.   

As a consequence of her ring craft training and championship show career, Esme has limited trick training. However the skills she possesses are ingrained and she is fully reliable.  Her show career has meant that she is a very well-travelled dog that copes well in new and exciting environments.  

Known for her laid back attitude, Esme is incredibly chilled out, even in event surroundings.  This makes filming with her really easy as she isn’t distracted by people, noises and heavy lighting.

Esme is a real character and will do almost anything for food.  This also helps her get to know people, so actors that work with her will do well to present her with a dog treat or two!

This girl is a keen swimmer, taking every opportunity to show off her skills in the swimming pool.  She loves water so much that she even tries to paddle in her water bowl!  

It should be noted that although Esme lives with other animals, she cannot work with cats and she will be best suited to working with dogs for her own family if she needs to share a film set.

Suitable modelling roles + -

This adorable girl loves to be out in all weathers and enjoys playing outside, no matter the season.  If you’re doing a photoshoot out on location, Esme is the girl for you.  She loves to roll about in autumn leaves as much as wintery snow. With her perfectly groomed pure white coat, Esme has a wolf-like appearance (albeit in miniature form) which really lends her to outdoors work.  However, she’s just as capable in the studio and is more than happy to pose and be the centre of attention.

Her cheerful face accompanied by her button nose and the most beautiful eyes bring light to any photograph.

As stated above, Esme cannot work with cats and she will be best suited to working with dogs for her own family if she needs to share a film set.

Experience + -

Esme is highly experienced in events work and has performed exceptionally well in the show ring.  This coupled with her obedience training and adorable good looks make Esme one to watch in the dog modelling world.


Kennel Club Good Citizen – Bronze Award

Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate 2019 – British Utility Breed Association Championship Show
Best Bitch & Best of Breed 2018 – Driffield Championship Show
Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate 2018 – Welsh Kennel Club
Best Puppy In Show & Reserve Best Bitch 2018 –
Northern Japanese Spitz Club



Can be handled / held