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The Animal Talent

The Animal Talent

Appearance + -

Breed: Cavapoo

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 10/04/2018


Neck circumference: 41cm

Length (base of neck to tail): 54cm

Height (floor to shoulder): 46cm

Chest circumference: 64cm

Weight: 18.2kg

Dylan the Cavapoo is a highly trained trick dog that enjoys dog sports, training and brain games.  This skilled dog is also a much loved cuddly companion and very cute to boot!

Dylan has an incredibly enriching life and participates in all sorts of activities including hoopers, agility, trick training and hiking.  He excels at everything he sets his mind to and is a great advocate for doodle breeds.

Cavapoos (also named Cavoodles) are one of the increasingly prevalent ‘doodle’ mixed breeds that have seen a mass explosion in canine companionship all around the world and they are particularly popular in the UK.  Cavapoos are generally smaller than other doodle mixes yet despite their size, they’re clever and active dogs.  For those people who are unacquainted with the Cavapoo, they are a mix of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and varying sizes of the poodle breed (usually miniature).

Dylan has all the traits that people love about the Cavapoo mix; he is a highly skilled dog with bags of personality and a cute, cuddly appearance.  He is perfectly proportioned and has gorgeous colouring to accompany his wonderful temperament.

His expert owner-handler puts a lot of work into Dylan and his active lifestyle.  He excels at his training and enrichment, brain games, dog sports and trick work.  He has reached “Expert Master” certification with Do More With Your Dog and is at Grade 5 with his IMDT training.

Suitable acting roles + -

This highly skilled trick dog has an a huge list of skills in his repertoire that are appropriate for film and TV work.  Able to sequence skills together, Dylan can take on the more complex filming roles where a string of actions are required.

There is nothing that fazes this calm and collected dog; he’s used to performing in front of live audiences because of the events work he participates in for his performance display team.  Additionally, he is always happy to train bespoke tricks and actions as required.   His ability to work to silent hand cues is particularly useful during filming and his distance work is impeccable, so getting that wide angle shot is easy for the camera man.

Dylan is a handsome dog that is obedient yet full of personality.  He follows instruction easily and will be happy to work alongside actors of all ages.  He’s just as at home in indoor studio environments as he is out on location; he particularly enjoys the coast and rural settings as his backdrops!  This is a lovely dog with all the skills required for media work.  Dylan is a joy to work with and is a gorgeous film subject.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Dylan is a very sweet looking cavapoo with gorgeous golden hair.  He has that cuddly teddy bear appearance that is so cherished and adored in the doodle breeds.  A perfect dog model for any photographer, Dylan certainly knows how to express himself for the camera.

His fawn coat is accompanied by a chocolate coloured button nose and deep brown eyes.  He has a very expressive face and shows emotion easily; perfect for any theme of photography.   This super sweet boy may suit family and home themed photography, particularly if children are to model alongside him.  He will also work well in seasonal shoots where the cute factor is required (we’re thinking Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter).

Dylan has been socialised with people, other dogs and environmentally, so can work in any condition,  with no fear of flash photography.

This stylish dog has a perfectly kept hair-do, but he isn’t afraid to get muddy in a rural backdrop or get wet at the beach.  Likewise, he’s happy to go black-tie, dressing up for a stylised occasion.   He enjoys wearing dog clothing and accessories as required.  Being an expert trick dog, he can pose in almost any position and is great at working with props, no matter the size or shape.  This opens him up to commercial photography and product branding shoots.

Handsome Dylan is a talented dog that looks wonderful in action shots and perfect in stills photography. He’s an excellent all-rounder that is equally as happy in the studio as he is outdoor on location.

Experience + -

Dylan the gorgeous cavapoo is a talented and sporty trick dog with bags of experience in the live events sphere.  This experience has instilled confidence in his skills and the ability to perform in noisy and busy environments.  Dylan follows instruction well and can work with silent hand cues.  He’s a charming Cavapoo and though he hasn’t had studio experience to date, his temperament and training level ensure that he is well suited to TV and film work.


Events display team – Trick dog and hoopers display at events

Do More With Your Dog –Expert Masters Trick Dog

IMDT – Grade 5



Follow eyeline / look to point


Jump up / on / over


Open door

Play piano

Pull socks off

Ring Bell


Say prayers


Sit pretty




Tidy toys away

Touch nose to hand

Walk to mark


Wear clothing and accessories

Wear glasses

Dylan the cavapoo wears a red dog jumper and looks out of the windoDylan the golden cavapoo is laying down in a field with a yellow ball between his front pawsGolden cavapoo, Dylan, practices his 'paws up' pose against a tree trunkCavapoo Dylan wears a blue harness and stands in a long grass field with a relaxed frin and his tongue sticking out. He looks really happyCute cavapoo, Dylan, lays down in the grass and sticks his tongue out. He looks super happyDylan the cavapoo runs through an agility hoopDylan the cavapoo lays on a beige sofa holding a toy newspaper in his mouthGolden cavapoo, Dyland, paddles in the water at a rocky coveCavapoo Dylan looks wet but happy on the beach with dog footprints all around himDog model, Dylan, wears a blue wet suit and stands on a stony beachModel dog, Dylan the cavapoo, wears a dark blue wet suit and paddles on the shorelineDylan is pictured running up an agility ramp. His golden hair is flowing and he looks super happyDylan stands on the beach with his tongue sticling outGolden Cavapoo, Dylan, lays down on a sandy beachDylan the trick dog runs through a red agility tunnel. He wears a red neckerchief and his ears a flying in the air. He has the biggest grin on his faceDog model, Dylan, smiles as he poses standing on a rocky shorelineDylan practices for his expert trick certificate. He lays flat on the grass with a hoop above his body that another dog jumps through.Dylan practicing food controlDylan's training certificatesDylan practices posing with his paws up on his handler's arm