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The Animal Talent

The Animal Talent

Appearance + -

Breed: Afghan Hound

Sex: Duke

Date of Birth:  11/05/2019


Neck circumference- 36 cm

Length (base of neck to tail): 74 cm

Height (floor to shoulder): 99 cm

Floor to top of head: 86 cm

Chest circumference: 76 cm

Weight: 30kg

Duke the Afghan Hound is simply stunning.  His long, flowing locks make Duke a real showstopper. He has a cream coat with a black mask, a truly noble appearance fitting of his breed.

The breed was originally developed to course game across mountainous Afghanistan terrain.  An extremely skilled hunter, the Afghan Hound was used to bring down both large and small game, including antelopes and legend has it, perhaps even leopards!  Today’s Afghan Hound is sometimes considered a real couch potato, but they are no less capable and are definitely a strong willed, intelligent dog.  Duke adheres to these breed standards with style!  Overall, Duke is a friendly, loving and extremely gentle boy that commands attention.

Suitable acting roles + -

Duke is a magnificent addition to any film set; his regal and proud appearance makes him a real star.  This well behaved dog has beautiful manners and a peaceful disposition that is really needed in a hectic filming environment.

Coming from a busy household, Duke is a good all-rounder.  He shares his home with four cats and, as it is a farm, he also socialises with the chickens, sheep and horses.  Because of this, he is able to work with many other animals on set.

As the breed needs regular grooming to keep those long locks in check, Duke is quite used to noisy appliances and strange sounds that are often found in the studio.

Being calm whilst being groomed is also an asset for filming dog grooming product footage; a real perk of working with Duke, who is used to getting shampooed, being wet and then being dried.  This pampered pooch is not afraid of water or even a hairdryer!

And if you’re filming action shots, is there anything more glorious than watching a beautiful Afghan Hound run?  Check out Duke’s videos to see just how impressive he looks in motion.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Duke and his long, silky cream coat is nothing short of majestic.  He has a lovely ‘sit and stay’ and looks great in ‘standing’ shots too.

Duke suits rural, seaside and urban themes as photoshoot settings, but let’s face it, whatever backdrop Duke is put against, he looks stunning and commands all the attention.

For the action shots, what better dog to use than an Afghan Hound?  Their flowing hair looks incredible against the wind and also when they run.  Duke’s golden locks never look better than when they’re in motion.

Duke has a lovely temperament for photography; he’s patient and happy to pose in a variety of positions.  He’s also an Afghan that is happy to wear clothing and accessories, so he works well for dog clothing product shoots.  Duke is a beautiful dog that is capable of showing emotion through his soulful eyes.    He really shines in stills photography.

Experience + -

Being a young Afghan Hound, Duke does not yet have professional studio experience.  However, due to his excellent temperament and adorable nature, we know he will be a great asset to your media project.

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Duke is on a country walk and wears his Afghan Hound pyjamasDuke is in a sit position in an ornate garden . He has his head tilted to one side and looks inquisitiveDuke rests his head on a red pillow and looks wistfully out of a windowDuke faces the camera with his soft face and long hair flowingDuke the Afghan Hound stares into the distance; he has his mouth open in a relaxed fashion and looks as though he's smilingSide profile headshot of Duke the Afghan HoundDuke the golden Afghan Hound head shotDuke the Afghan Hound wearing pyjamas out in the woodsDuke the Afghan Hound in a sit position with his head tilted to one side. Duke, the golden Afghan Hound runs down the road with his hair flowing