Appearance + -

Breed: Dalmatian

Sex: Female

Date of Birth: 30/03/2021


Neck circumference- 

Length (base of neck to tail): 

Height (floor to shoulder): 

Chest circumference: 

Weight: 27kg

Darcy is super fun loving and friendly to people of all ages.  She’s also highly sociable with dogs of all ages and breeds.  She is motivated by play and loves to please her handler. She’s also partial to a treat or two when learning!  An incredibly intelligent and quick learner, Darcy’s high level of training enables her to learn new skills and filming objectives as required.  Ever eager to learn more, Darcy is currently training in ringcraft classes.

This is a beautiful and well mannered pooch; Darcy is a princess and she knows it.  She’s got endearing facial expressions yet has bags of sass to accompany it.


Suitable acting roles + -

Darcy is a fine example of the Dalmatian breed with beautiful looks to match her beautiful temperament. She has a goofy demeanour that shows off her fun-loving side, yet she is definitely a professional when working. Having been in training from a very young age, she will take commands from behind the camera with no problem.  She’s so eager to please her handler, making it super easy to get any shot you require.

Dalmatians are in the working breed group, which means that Darcy loves to have a challenge.  This means that we are able to keep her attention and keep her active for longer than some other breeds.  Dalmatians are well known for their stamina and Darcy is no exception.  With her strong skill set and her willingness to perform, Darcy will be a great addition to your media project.  

Dalmatians work well in any setting and within a variety of themes.  We think that Darcy will look beautiful in country settings, especially during the winter months where the black spots will just pop out of her beautiful coat.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Darcy has a gorgeous expressive face making her the perfect dog for close up photography. Her beautiful black and white spotted coat looks amazing in both colour and black and white pictures. The monochrome effect of her coat works well against any colour palette.  She sits and stays perfectly, which makes her a willing poser for stills photography.

Darcy looks amazing in urban photoshoots as her coat colours really stand out against the background of a busy city. She is also suitable for activity led, rural photo shoots on location. Due to Darcy’s coat she will be the perfect model for advertising colourful doggy accessories as they pop on camera against her white and black coat.

Experience + -

Darcy is still very young so hasn’t had studio experience thus far, however, she has been learning all the tricks of the modelling trade with her handler for her popular Instagram account.  As a new model on the scene, we’re sure that Darcy will be appreciated for her unique appearance and bubbly personality and will whip up a storm in her future modelling career.