The Animal Talent

The Animal Talent

The Animal Talent

Appearance + -

Breed: Pointer x Beagle


Sex: Male


Date of Birth: 30/06/2012



Neck circumference: 33cm

Length (base of neck to tail): 55cm

Height (floor to shoulder): 54cm

Floor to top of head: 68cm

Chest circumference: 64cm


Weight: 19kg


Cooper the pointer cross beagle has an unusual breed mix that makes him totally unique.  He’s an all-round good boy with a sweet looking face.  While he is senior in years and has a grey specked face, he is very youthful in activity level and is truly an expert trick dog.


Cooper has been working as a trick dog all of his life and has been trained by a professional trick trainer and behaviourist.  He has been through all of the acting and trick certification levels and is fully qualified (along with his handler) with IMDT and Do More With Your Dog.


Although Cooper’s breed mix is slightly unusual, it does make sense when you think of both breeds’ characteristics.  Pointers are known to be even tempered, kind, loyal and active, where beagles are also gentle and friendly, outgoing, active and playful.  Both breeds have been bred for several hundred years as versatile field dogs, particularly good at hunting and scent work.  Today, pointers and beagles are used as detection dogs and excel in scent work and other dog sports such as agility, trick training, obedience competitions and also competitive show rings.


With these traits in his heritage, it’s no wonder that Cooper excels at his trick work and obedience.  He is an extremely talented dog accompanied by his professional handler, so is suitable for all levels of filming and photography.

Suitable acting roles + -

Trained trick dog, Cooper, is an exceptionally talented dog that is accompanied by a fully qualified dog trick trainer.  We have yet to find a trick Cooper cannot achieve; he’s really that good.  Whether you’re working on a short brief or a more complex script, Cooper’s skills are more than adequate.

One of his great assets is that he is a senior dog and can still perform a full working day.  This opens him up to any number of roles where it’s important to portray an aged dog.  He is capable of training for bespoke actions in feature films, TV shows and more.  Cooper is a healthy dog with many years of vitality ahead of him.

Cooper lives in a multi-dog household and has been used as a demo dog by his owner-handler (a professional dog trainer) to demonstrate skills, tricks and behaviours.  For this reason, he is dog friendly and can work with other dog  actors as required for the project.  He’s also very human friendly and loves to work alongside children; in fact some of his work experience has included performing in schools and colleges.  If you have child actors in your cast, Cooper is the perfect dog to work alongside them.

Cooper loves the outdoors and that’s definitely apparent from his breeding background; both beagles and pointers are working dogs and enjoy a rural landscape befitting of their breed purpose.  For this reason, if you’re working out on location, Cooper will be a good dog to have as your cast member.

This highly skilled, versatile dog actor is suitable for a number of filming roles  both in the studio and outdoors.  He’s a wonderful all-rounder and he’ll astound you with his abilities.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Senior dog model Cooper is a wise looking gent; he’s black all over apart from the greying area around his muzzle and a patch of white on his chest.  His deep amber eyes portray an all seeing, all knowing aura befitting of his age.

His salt and pepper face shows his senior years and this is a real asset for product branding aimed at older dogs (such as with dog food brands, vet care, supplements and more).  However, being so fit and healthy, this dog lives an active lifestyle and can easily portray vitality in the older dog.

Capable of any trick he sets his mind to, you can capture Cooper in any positional pose, on top of objects (or products), holding them in his paws or mouth and more.  This is super useful in commercial photography.

Even though he’s a predominantly black dog, Cooper is still incredibly photogenic and a professional photographer will find it easy to shoot him with good lighting and flash.  He’s a lovable, cheeky looking man with an adorable smile that will look cute in seasonal themed photography shoot, or any other shoot for that matter.  You’re sure to love his adorable nature.  He and his experienced handler are both real professionals in the studio.

Experience + -

Cooper is an experienced trick dog model and actor.  He has been honing his skills for many years and is a credit to his handler (who is a professional trick trainer).  Cooper has worked throughout his life as a trick dog performer at events around the country.  He also performs in schools, colleges and in training classes for other dogs.  He has professional studio experience and is a very capable dog that is suitable for all levels of film and TV work.


IMDT – Training demonstration

Do More With Your Dog – Expert trick dog

Cardinal Newman College – Events demonstration

Pet photographer – stills photoshoot



Follow eyeline / look to point


Jump up / on / over


Open door

Play piano

Pull socks off

Ring Bell


Say prayers


Sit pretty




Tidy toys away

Touch nose to hand

Walk to mark


Wear clothing and accessories

Wear glasses

Cooper, the black mixed breed dog demonstrates his paw over eyes trickCooper, a greying black and white dog sits with the sun in his eyes, looking happy and relaxed. He sticks his tongue outCooper the pointer x beagle stands in the sunshine in the garden. He looks serene and relaxedCooper does his best 'Oliver' impression, holding his food bowl in his mouth, begging for moreCooper and friends stand together on a bench in the countrysideCooper and friends stand on a fallen tree in the woodlandCooper and friends lay in a circle on the beachCooper, a black mixed breed dog, practices crossing his paws with his handlerCooper practices his shy face trick in the gardenCooper balances on a student's backCooper the mixed breed dog balances on the back of a studentCooper practices his cuddling dog pose