Appearance + -

Breed: Shetland Sheepdog

Sex: Female

Date of Birth: 19/02/2014


Neck circumference: 28cm

Length (base of neck to tail): 31cm

Height (floor to shoulder): 28cm

Height (floor to top of head) 43cm

Chest circumference: 48cm

Weight: 6kg

Shetland Sheepdog, Cassi, is an absolutely gorgeous little girl; a real miniature Lassie dog.  This is one special lady; having overcome a femoral head and neck excision surgery at nine months old.  Cassie does have a slight limp and hop but this doesn’t detract at all from her modelling capabilities.

Cassi’s family call her the ultimate ‘Diva Dog’ because she is in charge of every situation.  She is typical of her breed; a little nervous of new people at first, but she’s always happy if food is involved and that is a sure fire way of winning her over.

The Shetland Sheepdog (sometimes shortened to ‘Sheltie’ was once a Scottish farmer’s best friend.  Known for being vocal, the Sheltie would sound an alarm when anyone approached the property and shoo-ing other birds and animals away.  Also used as herding dogs to keep sheep and flocks in line, they were bred to be a kind and considerate, yet hard working dog.  Similar (but much smaller) in appearance to the Rough Collie, the two breeds are distinctly different.  Whilst they share the same ancestors, Shelties come from the Shetland Islands where, with harsh weather conditions and sparse vegetation, the breed was developed as a smaller alternative of livestock herder.

Cassi, true to her breed, may be small, but is incredibly mighty!  She definitely rules the roost in her household which she shares with six other dogs (also on The Animal Talent roster) and a hedgehog.  She absolutely loves her responsibility of being ruler of the realm.

Suitable acting roles + -

Despite Cassi’s slightly visible limp, this Sheltie is an impressive dog.  She is born and bred for agility, and she LOVES it! She is a highly active dog, so don’t rule her out of action shots, particularly as her limp can be masked.

Cassi also achieves in the show ring, but prefers to be active and involved in sports.  She is also highly intelligent which is what the breed is famous for.  Having achieved certification with the Kennel Club and  Institute Of Professional Dog Training, her obedience is guaranteed.  She loves to train and is capable of learning new skills easily. This Shetland sheepdog has a willingness to work and please her handler, with whom she has a fantastic bond.

Shelties are loving companions for all members of the family, including the kids, and Cassi is no exception.  They’re a dog that is known for being within the family setting, so including Cassi in home themed filming will be particularly suitable.  

Shelties have a reputation for intelligence and good humour; they’re exemplary helpers and herders and just love to work.  Cassie is capable of working with any actor, no matter their age, so long as they provide her with a treat first!  Add to this her ability to work with other animals, performing particularly well with members of her own household, Cassi never disappoints.

She’s a well-rounded dog that has experience at large events, travelling around the UK and competing in agility competitions.  She’s a well trained dog with an exceptional handler.

Suitable modelling roles + -

This tri-colour Sheltie has an adorable smile that radiates from her kind and soft featured face.  Cassi is simply gorgeous.  She radiates elegance whilst keeping the cute appeal.  Her dark eyes draw the viewer in and you can see love and friendship radiating from her face.

Skilled in agility work, Cassi thrives in action and there is no better photograph than seeing the wind flow through her hair.  Despite her slight limp, this is never noticeable in stills photography, whether you require action shots or posed portraits.  

Her skills list and obedience qualifications ensure that Cassi is more than capable of following commands in the studio and aims to please when she’s working.  She can work in any setting and location and is not affected by flash photography or busy studios.  Although Cassi’s age suggests she’s a veteran, she certainly doesn’t look like it and she has the youthful exuberance of a puppy.   Having experience in events work, Cassi is a real professional.

Experience + -

Cassi has been overlooked for previous professional studio work, but really shouldn’t be.  She is adorable in appearance and follows commands obediently and easily.  She is more than capable of a star performance in film or photography.  Cassi has extensive events experience and has been a show dog in her career; however, she much prefers action work and this is where she really excels.   


Kennel Club Good Citizen – Bronze & Silver Awards

British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers – Bronze & Silver Awards

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