Appearance + -

Breed: Border Collie x Australian Kelpie

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 04/07/2013


Neck circumference: 50cms
Length (base of neck to tail): 74cms
Height (floor to shoulder):45cms
Floor to top of head: 65cms
Chest circumference: 85cms

Weight: 32kg

Byron the collie x kelpie is a unique dog in appearance yet holds all the beloved traits of both breeds that we adore.  Byron with his red and white coat looks for all the world like he’s a pure bred collie with red instead of black and we know this unique trait makes him all the more lovable.

The border collie, or simply collie, is a breed of herding dog from Scotland, widely considered to be the most intelligent dog breed.  They are descended from landrace sheepdogs (once found all over the British Isles), but are so called because they became standardised in the Anglo-Scottish borders.  Famous owners of the breed include Queen Victoria, Beatrix Potter, James Dean, and more recently, Jon Bon Jovi, Tiger Woods and Ethan Hawke.  In Britain, one of Blue Peter’s most famous dogs was a border collie named Shep.  The breed has also starred in films including Babe, Animal Farm and Snow Dogs.

The Australian kelpie, or simply kelpie, is an Australian sheepdog capable of mustering and droving with little or no guidance. The kelpie comes in a wider range of colours to the collie.  The breed has been exported throughout the world and is used to muster livestock, primarily sheep, cattle and goats.  According to University of Sydney, despite folklore saying the Kelpie is a result of a mix between the Border Collie and an actual dingo, the kelpie was brought to Australia in the late 1800s from Scotland as a herding dog derived from the collie. There are two types of kelpies developed in Australia: the working kelpie, which has been selected specifically to handle the Australian climate and working conditions, and the conformational kelpie, which is usually a single colour all-over and is more likely to be a family companion.  The best-known kelpie in popular culture is Koko, the dog in the movie Red Dog.


Mix the two breeds together and you the most incredible herding dog.  Like other dogs of his lineage, Byron is friendly, intelligent, energetic, alert, loyal, and eager to please his handler.

Byron is owned and handled by a professional dog trainer who has excellent professional experience and trick training ability.

Suitable acting roles + -

Byron the collie cross kelpie has a beautiful red and white coat and is fox-like in appearance.

Byron is a beautiful dog that has professional experience.  He has been used as a stooge in a training setting, providing an example for students to follow.  With his handler being a professional dog trainer, he’s earned his keep this way many times!  He’s also walked down the aisle as part of his human’s wedding and absolutely bossed his role as ‘Best Boi’ at the ceremony.  His achievements in these two roles prove what a grounded dog Byron is; he’s professional in every way.

With bags of ability, Byron has a number of skills up his sleeve suitable for TV and film work.  Impeccable recall and off lead training means that outdoors work is a cinch for him.  Byron can follow cues from silent hand signals; an excellent asset for the studio.  He works easily around distractions, always following cues from his handler.  He knows when to settle too, so when he’s not required for one scene, he’ll be calm and collected waiting for his turn.

Byron lives with two cats (Whinnie and Wilfred) and another dog, named Banjo, all of which are also on The Animal Talent roster.  Each of these animal models can be hired as a group or separately.  Byron is a social dog, able to work with other dogs, cats and most other animals providing correct introductions have been made.  No matter your cast members, Byron will fit in.  Excellent with children and adults alike, he can also follow instruction from cast members as part of the scene if required.

This kind, gentle and biddable dog is happy to work in any environment and because of his unique appearance, he’ll steal the show of any setting.  He looks adorable as part of a family scene in home style themed projects and likewise he looks just as ‘at home’ outdoors in the rural environment he was bred for.  His golden colouring is regal and he has an air of the ‘elite’ about himself; he’ll look wonderful in a period drama for this reason.  This versatile, talented dog is lovable in every way and will make a fabulous asset to your production.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Byron the collie cross kelpie has a beautiful red and white coat and is fox-like in appearance.  Because of his unique breed mix, you’ll never see another dog quite like Byron; he’ll always give you a truly unique image to work with and that is appealing to any photographer.

This beautiful boy has a wise appearance befitting of his senior years, however he is young at heart and can certainly turn on that goofy charm of his!  He’s a tongue-out kind of dog that often appears to have a human-like smile.  Without trying to anthropomorphise him too much, Byron is a dog that knowingly displays emotion.

Able to work with props, Byron is perfect for product placement work where he can pose nicely next to the brand item or show off his skills by holding it or using it as required.  He has a strong ‘stay’ ability and can hold a pose even with camera flash as a distraction.

If you’re working on location, you’ll get some lovely action shots from Byron and it’s simply lovely seeing his golden locks flowing in the wind. He’s a graceful dog full that looks impressive in any environment.

Experience + -

Byron has modelling photography experience, filming experience and events experience.  He has a well-rounded temperament and is a safe bet for studio work.  He and his professional trainer-handler have excellent set etiquette and follow instruction quietly and politely, making a producer’s job easy.  With excellent obedience and trick training in his repertoire, Byron can also prepare for bespoke actions for the script as required.  Contact us today to work with him on your next project.


Guardian Labs – training skills filming

Of Trails and Wonders – event stills photography


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