Appearance + -

Date of Birth: 01/01/2014

Breed: Mixed Breed

Sex: Male


Neck circumference- 45cm

Length (base of neck to tail): 72cm

Height (floor to shoulder): 61cm

Height (floor to top of head): 67cm

Chest circumference: 34cm

Weight: 31kg


Mixed Breed Brolis is quite a character.  His unique appearance matches his style; he’s really one of a kind!


Adopted from a Lithuanian shelter as a puppy, Brolis has grown into a remarkable dog.  He had been found abandoned in a forest with his siblings and upon rescue, he’s really landed on his feet.  He and his handler moved to the UK in 2021 and have enjoyed their wonderful adventures together.  Brolis’ owner-handler is also a highly experienced horse handler and has been in the filming industry for quite some time.  They are really a formidable duo.


The name ‘Brolis’ or ‘Bro’ for short, means ‘brother’ in Lithuanian; we think it’s rather fitting as he is the most loyal companion.  He’s a gentle boy with a kind nature; this can truly be seen through his thoughtful eyes.  He’s also very respectful of other animals and humans, giving space and time when needed.  He has a lovely temperament and is easy to work with.


Brolis is a professionally trained dog actor and is suitable for a wide variety of roles due to his one-of-a-kind appearance and his large skill set.

Suitable acting roles + -

Brolis is a highly trained trick dog with a good skills list and excellent general obedience.  He is capable of more complex roles that may feature scripted routines and carrying out actions in sequence.


He’s a medium to large sized dog, so certainly has a presence on set; add to this his sparking appearance and biddable character, he’s a pleasure to work with.  He and his handler are experienced professionals and understand studio etiquette.


To add to his long list of abilities, Brolis is happy to work with any number of other animals including other dogs, horses, chickens, pigs, sheep, cats, pigeons, but true to his terrier type, he may chase the odd squirrel! Let’s face it, what dog doesn’t?!  This is a small price to pay for his obedience and good manners around all others.


His special and somewhat off-beat appearance makes him capture attention; he’s the stand out among any pack of dogs and it’s easy to see why he always commands leading roles.


Capable of working alongside adult and child actors, Brolis can work in any scene with small and large crews.  He’s au fait with cameras, boom mics and flash photography.


Brolis’ positive reward is always toy (over food) and he aims to please his handler.  This means he can easily work around food without getting distracted, which is an excellent asset to have.


He is a seasoned traveller and can work on any location, indoors or outdoors within the UK.  Due to his shaggy appearance, he looks just as good in a studio settings as he does out on location and he fits rural backdrops just as well as urban settings.


He’s a strong all-rounder and a great asset to any media production.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Brolis has a truly unique appearance with a mottled coat colour of grey, white and brown.  He has the appearance of a large terrier, and some of the most emotive eyes we’ve ever seen.  His face is full of character and expression.


As can be seen from his existing photographs, Brolis has a strong portfolio and is experienced in the photography studio.  His skills list and obedience qualifications ensure that Brolis is capable of action shots as well as still, posed positions.


His novel appearance opens him up for branding partnership opportunities; being so unique means that he’ll always stand out from a crowd and be instantly recognisable.  This is so important in promotional advertising.


He also fits any number of photography styles and themes; equally at home in a glamourous setting as in a gritty environment.  Due to his coat markings, he also suits any colour palette and backdrop.


This skilled dog model aims to please his handler and follows commands easily during photoshoots.

Experience + -

Brolis is a set experienced dog actor with a wealth of skills and actions in his repertoire.  He and his handler have worked on many locations and in many studios so know their way around a film set.  Couple this with his excellent skills list and barrels of enthusiasm and Brolis is the perfect dog for any production.




Model photoshoot – Stills photography




High five

Jump from standing

Jump up / on / over objects

Lift front paws



Retrieve object





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