Appearance + -

Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier x Rottweiler x Border Collie

Sex: Female

Date of Birth: 09/01/2021


Neck circumference: 43cm

Length (base of neck to tail): 48cm

Height (floor to shoulder): 43cm

Chest circumference: 61cm

Weight: 15kg

This rescue dog was born in a dog foster home.  Sadly, her mother had been relinquished to rescue when she was pregnant.  The stress during pregnancy caused the mother to abandon her pups and Betty therefore had to be hand reared as her mother wouldn’t let her feed directly.  With an unknown breeding history, a doggy DNA test was performed by the rescue (SN Dogs); the results of her lineage were incredibly surprising.  Considering she has Border Collie and Rottweiler in her breeding, Betty is taller and leaner than the average Staffordshire Bull Terrier but carries the breed’s other classic features.

She is a very gentle dog that loves to have fun.  She is incredibly active and loves her weekly swimming sessions in the dog pool with her best friend, Tank (also on the roster here at The Animal Talent Ltd).

A voracious chewer, she’s a big fan of toys, tug and natural products like buffalo horns and antlers.  She’s also a fan of balls and sticks and really shows off her athleticism when chasing around the beach or dog park.

Betty is a fun, lively dog with all the characteristics of an energetic puppy.  She’s loved and adored by everyone she meets and people always comment on her incredible markings.

Suitable acting roles + -

Betty the Staffie cross is confident, energetic and a big cuddle bug.  This super friendly girl is particularly great around children and simply loves to play.  

Betty is currently in weekly training and building upon her skill set all the time.  She’s a well socialised girl that has bags of confidence and she’s a quick learner.  These acting assets ensure that Betty will be able to learn short routines for on set work.  

This bubbly doggy is at home in any environment and loves to be out and about in the city as much as out in the countryside.   She has a wonderful bond with her handler and the pair are used to adventuring together.

It’s well known that the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is great with humans and is among the breeds recommended by the Kennel Club for families.  They regularly feature in Britain’s top 10 most popular breeds.  For this reason, Betty is the perfect on-set dog for TV productions and media projects that occur in a family home setting.

People regularly comment on Betty’s loving temperament; she is enthusiastic about everything and brings joy to everyone she meets.  This dog thrives on human contact and can work with well behaved children and adults alike.

Betty’s ever-expanding trick list ensures that she will have a strong future in the film and TV industry.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Betty has a half and half black and white face that is pretty much a perfect split down the middle.  She has white socks and a white tipped tail that people often joke has been dipped in a tin of paint!  Her unique looks are very striking and this makes her a perfect candidate as a brand ambassador or mascot.  She is instantly recognisable.

With that classic Staffie smile, Betty has a friendly and gentle face that lights up a room.  She draws attention from any audience.

Having previously modelled dog clothing and worked in various studio and location shoots for pet photographers, Betty is adept at working with flash and in studios.  Being black and white, she can work alongside any colour palette.  Her appearance is certainly versatile, however, she looks particularly at home in urban or household settings.

Betty can work with adults and children and any other size of dog.  This means that she’s a suitable model for shoots that require a varied cast of animals and humans. She’s also happy wearing clothes and accessories so is perfect for modelling a variety of dog outfits.

A good traveller, Betty can also work around the country and perform in any location.  She’s a real people pleaser.

Experience + -

Betty has achieved nods in regional and national press due to her photographic appearance.  She has also worked in studios and on location for stills photoshoots.  

Her training is continuing all the time and her handler is working on advanced tricks at the moment, however Betty already has a strong ‘stand and stay’ and a strong ‘sit and stay’, perfect for modelling photoshoots.

This confident doggy excels in any environment and makes a fan of everyone she meets.  Betty is sure to bring joy to your project.


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Give paw
High five
Lie down

Lie flat
Look to point

Paws up (on object or person)
Retrieve ball in water

Touch with nose

Wear clothing and accessories