Appearance + -

Breed: Terrier mixed breed

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 24/02/2019

Weight: 12kg


Benny the mixed breed terrier is an experienced dog model and actor.  He has a unique breed mix and therefore a unique appearance.  He was one of only two in the litter, and even his sister, Betty (also on the roster here at The Animal Talent) looks entirely different!


Benny has an adorable personality to match his gorgeous looks.  He’s a very much loved member of his household.  He lives among 6 other dogs on a homestead that includes pigs, sheep, goats and even reindeer!  This is a highly socialised doggy that is happy to be around all other animals.


Terrier Benny is a well-rounded dog that is a firm favourite in the events world.  It’s easy to see why; his shaggy hair with a teenager’s fringe; he’s super cute and super talented!

Suitable acting roles + -

Benny is a hirsute terrier with the scruffy look that is ever so popular.  Being a mixed breed, his unique appearance ensures that he’s instantly recognisable.


With a wealth of experience in TV, Benny has an astounding amount of experience live on stage in theatre productions.  He has also worked at events around the country since he was a puppy; he knows exactly what it’s like to work in front of a live audience and is never put off by large crowds.


Capable of working on complex roles, Benny can work to script and follow a sequence of commands.  This makes scene shooting for TV and film easy to achieve.  He has poise, patience and strong impulse control.


If you’re working on TV commercials, Benny’s one-of-a-kind looks guarantee that he’s a good candidate for brands that wish to partner with a dog for promotional campaigns.


Benny has a number of skills in his tricks armoury that are all appropriate for dog acting work in the production environment.  He absolutely knows how to work the camera and his stage work is also impressive.


This versatile dog can work with human actors of all ages and is especially good with  children, having worked in theatre productions with a large chorus.  In theatre and events work, Benny has travelled all around the UK and enjoys his adventures.  He and his experienced, capable handler are real professionals on set.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Benny the cross breed has a truly unique appearance.  His golden hair  flows in movement and looks shaggy, but purposefully so!  The length of his hair also lends itself to action shots and some comic effects can definitely be captured.


His expressive face is capable of showing emotion; he has a cheeky smile that lights up a room.  When he focuses his eyes forward (look to point), he commands attention.


Being a terrier, he can wear his hair shaggy and scruffy, or sleek and smooth.  He is small in height, but chunky in stature.  However, he can still be easily held by human models and actors if that is required in his performance.  In fact, he loves nothing more than to work with humans.


Dog clothing fits him easily and he just loves wearing a costume.  This and his versatile appearance allows for a variety of styles being used within one photoshoot.


Capable of working with props, he can hold, work alongside, or pose on top of any number of products or objects which is particularly useful for commercial photography shoots.


Benny is a very cute dog that is captivating in both action shots and stills photography; he has star quality perfect for the studio.

Experience + -

From a very young age, Benny has had professional dog acting experience, completing a TV commercial at just 16 weeks old.  Since then, he has gone from strength to strength in the dog modelling world.  He has worked on a number of theatre productions and in front of live audiences all around the country.  He’s also an experienced show dog, competing in events as well as performing agility and tricks series at county fairs and much more.  He and his handler are highly professional and a joy to work with.




Wizard of Oz – Playing the character of ‘Toto’ in Regal Entertainments theatre productions, UK tour.

TV commercial (under NDA) – Working  in a veterinary surgery being handled by a vet actor

County Fairs, UK – Performing events artiste


Balance on object

Style hair

Can work with water


Eat/drink on set

Give paw

Go around object/person

Go over seesaw

Go under/through

Jump through hoop

Jump up/on/over an object

Open/close door

Play ball

Positional work


Ring a bell



Spin (left/right)




Walk on balance beam

Wears pet clothing + accessories