Appearance + -

Name: Basil

Species: Dog


Breed: Miniature Poodle

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 16/06/2020


Neck circumference: 35cm

Chest circumference: 51cm

Height (floor to shoulder): 38cm

Back length: 52cm

Weight: 10kg


Miniature poodle, Basil, is a highly skilled dog with bags of personality.  He’s a real showstopper, and even though he’s small, he’s got very large hair!  It’s rare to see a poodle with the continental cut, especially in the smaller versions of the breed, but Basil dons his curls with style.


Basil is a much loved family dog and a bit of a celebrity in his local area.  He’s friendly with all he meets and he also has a loyal following on Instagram where he posts about his adventures and his fabulous hair!  His fan base likes to learn about his grooming techniques, particularly toothbrushing and bath time.  As a micro-influencer he’s got a lot of experience promoting boutique brands.


A fine example of his breed, Basil displays the best traits of the miniature poodle.  He is very human like in mannerisms and is incredibly intelligent.  He’s a clown by nature, amusing his humans all the time.  This good looking boy is a real stunner and a capable dog actor.

Suitable acting roles + -

Basil loves to be the centre of attention and he achieves this not only with his appearance, but with his long skills list too.  Being super intelligent, Basil loves to learn new tricks, skills and behaviours as part of his daily enrichment and mental stimulation.  At home, he loves to practice his brain game dog puzzles.  He has a lot of training and being agility trained means that he has excellent impulse control; a trait particularly required in filming environments.


Suitable for the obvious glamour, fashion and stylish roles, Basil isn’t afraid to get down and dirty in the mud!  He simply loves being in the outdoors, running through woodland; his showreel proves how great he looks in motion.


He has perfected the ‘paws up’ pose which is perfect for scenes where he needs to jump up at a table, look over a wall and more.  His comical facial expression completely enhances this skill.  He’s also great at looking at food and not eating it; another talent we’re asked to provide frequently.


Basil is well socialised which means that he can work with other dogs and any age of human actor.  He’s particularly good with children.  His lead work is exceptional and he will happily trot alongside an actor or actress, taking commands from actors as well as his handler.


He has perfected a number of skills that are suitable in TV and film studios and having a solid presence online means he’s perfect for social media videos as well.


With his showstopper appearance, gorgeous temperament and solid skills list, Basil is a well-trained dog suitable for many productions.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Basil is a very good looking red (almost golden) miniature poodle.  A fine example of his breed, he has the classic ‘continental’ hairstyle. Though this can be groomed for other styles if required.  He is such a photogenic dog and we’re sure you’ll agree.


His golden coat works with many colour palettes in the photography studio and because Basil is such a friendly dog, he can work with human models for fashion photography. Basil also enjoys wearing costumes, dog clothing and accessories; he’s even happy with hats and glasses.


Because of his exceptional breeding, Basil’s image can be used for breed merchandising such as door signs, beakers, calendars and greetings cards and much more.


He’s a very versatile dog and enjoys working with props.  He’s able to hold a solid pose and works well in any professional environment.


Basil’s stylish appearance is glamorous, dignified and striking.  He’s a dog that oozes class and is a joy to photograph.

Experience + -

Basil is a highly skilled dog with a lot of experience in the live events sphere; he’s been well socialised and works easily in front of large crowds.


As a micro influencer, Basil has a loyal following on Instagram and his feed is full of helpful advice for other dog owners, as well as hilarious posts (mainly about his fantastic hair!).  He’s promoted clothing and dog treats in past posts.


All in all, Basil is a fabulous representative of his breed.  His fabulous good looks accompany a solid temperament and he’s a fun dog to work with.



Suffolk show – live event agility performance

All About Dogs – Instagram partner and live event meet and greet

Dog clothing boutiques – Instagram partnerships and brand ambassador roles with various dog fashion boutiques



Go to mark


High Five

Leave it



Paws up



Sit pretty




Teeth brushing

Walk to heel on and off lead

Wear clothing and accessories

Wear glasses


Basil the miniature poodle posing in a farmer's fieldMiniature poodle, Basil, in a down position and with a beaming smileBasil winning best in show at a dog show; he sports a pink rosette and it's a professional photoshoot. Basil wears a red bow in his hair.Basil the red miniature poodle poses with his paws up against a bench in front of a pretty lakeBasil posing at the seaside sitting atop a barrelBasil stands on his hind legs in front of a barnred miniature poodle sitting a fallen tree trunkRed miniature poodle sitting in a garden next to weave poles as he practices agility training. He sports a red bow in his hairClose up headshot of Basil the red miniature poodleBasil wears a red tartan bandanaBasil the miniature poodle wears his hair akin to Jon Bon Jovi!