Appearance + -

Breed: Cockapoo

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: 09/10/2021


Neck circumference: 26 cm

Length (base of neck to tail): 40cm

Height (floor to shoulder): 35cm

Floor to top of head: 55cm

Chest circumference: 50cm

Weight: 9kg

Cockapoo Bailey is a fun loving dog that always wears a smile.  This good looking boy is not only handsome, but exceptionally well skilled too.  He’s the ‘tongue out of mouth’ kind of doggo; he just oozes happiness and cheekiness.

As a highly trained trick dog, Bailey achieved an incredible status within only six months, proving his incredible ability.  He was at ‘Novice’ level with Do More With Your Dog, in June, ‘Intermediate’ by July, ‘Advanced’ by September, and an ‘Expert’ by November.  This remarkable boy is indeed confident, highly talented and a joy to work alongside.

Cockapoos are known for their biddable temperament as well as their teddy bear appearance; they inherit the sweet and loving natures common with both parent breeds (cocker spaniel and poodle). They are highly intelligent, easy to train and typically inherit the poodle’s enthusiasm and tendency to be little jokers.  Bailey epitomises these characteristics that we know and love.

This much loved boy is a dog that will give anything a go; his experienced owner-handler has trained him excellently and their bond is such that he is a confident dog that excels at learning new things so can work on bespoke scripts, tricks and behaviours.

Suitable acting roles + -

Bailey has a vast skill set that can be used in a wide variety of acting roles.  He loves to be the centre of attention and show off his abilities.  If your media project requires specific action, Bailey can train towards this.  He’s capable of working on complex scripts, in depth film roles and lead performances.

Able to work to hand signals, there’s no need to hear the handler on set; Bailey is skilled at the silent cue which is necessary so often on a film set.  He can also sequence his behaviours (as evidenced by his showreel) and this allows for continuous scene shooting.

Bailey is a super friendly boy that loves everyone (of the human kind and the dog kind).  He especially loves children and this opens him up to working with all age of actor or model.  He is also capable of taking instruction from strangers on set when required.

Handsome Bailey will suit a variety of settings; the cockapoo is known as a family dog so commercial themes surrounding kids, home, lifestyle are all applicable for him.  He is equally as happy working outdoors on location as he is indoors on set and we think he looks super in a rural environment as well as portraying a stylish city dog.

This talented dog really has it all.  He’s a joy to work with and He has perfected a number of skills that are suitable in TV and film studios.

Suitable modelling roles + -

Gorgeous cockapoo, Bailey, has a teddy bear appearance that melts the heart.  He has an expressive face and soulful eyes accompanying his luxurious coat.  This, accompanied by his cheeky smile and fun loving nature, makes him a fabulous dog for stills photography.

Able to work easily with models of all ages, he can pose alongside humans and props as required.  His skills training can be used to great effect if you’re working on commercial photography of products as he’s able to hold objects, pose with them and even on top of them if required.

Bailey is also happy to wear clothing and accessories (even glasses, which not many dogs like) so is a good candidate for modelling dog clothes, leads, collars, bow ties and more.

He’s happy working in the photography studio with flash photography and big equipment lighting equipment as much as he is getting muddy and active outdoors.  His flowing locks make for excellent windswept action shots.  You name it, this boy can do it!

Experience + -

Bailey is a highly skilled dog with an unrivalled tricks list.  Yet to have professional set experience, he is set to take the dog acting world by storm.  We’re astounded by his abilities and know you will be too.  His agility training means he has excellent impulse control and a strong skills list that is well worthy of the photography studio or film set.

He is a fabulous canine companion and works well with others.  This handsome dog has a beautiful temperament and he’s a fun dog to work with.

Aeroplane arms


Assisted upright walking

Balance beam/dog walk

Bar Jump

Barrel racing

Basket ball

Baton jumping

Chorus line kicks

Close a door

Cross paws


Drop it


Figure of eight

Go to/target mark

Head down

High Five

Hoop jump

Jump over back through hoop

Leave it

Left & Right paw shake

Leg weaving

Loose Leash walking

Muffin tin game

Open a door

Paws up

Peekaboo walk between legs

Pick pocket pooch

Pick up a credit card or business card

Pull on rope/tug

Remove socks/return to hand


Side step drill




Stay out of sight

Tap bell

Tidy toys

Touch hands

Toys in box


Walk on loose lead

Wave goodbye

Wears clothing and accessories

Wears glasses

Which hand holds treat

Wipe paws on mat

Bailey in the woodlandBailey laying down in a field of tree blossomBailey poses on a fallen treeBailey drives a tractorBailey posing in a moored rowing boatA damp Bailey posing among spring flowersBailey the chocolate cockerpoo laying down in a cafe, nice and relaxedBailey, the chocolate cockerpoo, stands on the shoreline, with his hair blowing in the windBailey the cockerpoo sits on the tree stump with his tongue outBailey lying down a tree. He's a gorgeous chocolate cockerpooBailey posing on a tree stumpBailey practicing 'leave it' around food and drink in the cafeHow Bailey, the brown cockerpoo looks with curly wet hairBailey at a public event with a relaxed smile on his faceBailey practicing his 'paws up' pose after against a wallBailey balancing on a treeBailey walking around an urban landscapeBailey posing on Santa's sleighBailey posing in the 'middle' positionBailey on the catwalk